Carnival's main sponsor - a company in the middle of student life

In 2014, AF Bostäder received the honor of standing behind the carnival in the role of main sponsor. A pure pleasure for a housing company in the middle of student life.

Every four years there is a carnival in Lund, a folk party without a counterpart that draws happy visitors from all over the region, and a given feature in Lund's amazing student life.

Student life in Lund revolves around the AF family consisting of the Academic Association, AF-sponsor and AF Bostäder - as well as student nations, associations and the coordinating association Studentlund.
- Everyone living with us is a student at Lund University and members of the Student and Academic Association, says Henrik Krantz, CEO of AF Bostäder. AF Bostäder is something unique in Sweden - we are the students' own housing company. We are free and unobtrusive in the housing market and always act at 100% for the students' best.

Lund offers a first-rate international university but also an exciting environment all around. In Lund, Malmö and Copenhagen there are great opportunities for exchanges with universities and business, including the research village of Ideon Science Park and the new Max IV laboratory. The network and development opportunities for the student here are huge. In addition, Lund's student life is known as the best and funniest in the country.
- Studentlund is creative, inspiring, open and welcoming, says Henrik Krantz. Here you will find plenty of activity opportunities and the new one in the city will step in and participate. The university is located in the middle of the urban environment, the whole of central Lund is like a campus, and the students have been considered for hundreds of years as an obvious part of the city's culture. And then we have good weather.

Prior to the Carnival 2014, AF Bostäder was asked to act as main sponsor. The company thanked yes directly. Being a main sponsor means very positive attention and exposure in a variety of contexts. But first and foremost, AF Bostäder saw an opportunity to support something the company is a part of.
- For AF Bostäder, it should be natural to be close to university life and to have a strong relationship with the students, says Henrik Krantz. We are available to the students, they are our clients and without an attractive student life we ​​are nothing. Of course, a housing company in the middle of student life will be behind Sweden's best student carnival. The sponsorship of Lundakarnevalen has also been a pure pleasure and in several ways the organization brought closer to Studentlund. The staff have visited the carnival jointly and also experienced the Carnival Revue on a special invitation to genre, where among other things a song about AF Bostäder was invited.
- We have no formulated policy or strategy for our sponsorship, says Henrik Krantz. We support in several contexts, but always with a link to our target group. Sometimes financially, sometimes by lending out premises, materials or other resources. We can also contribute with our knowledge. We make judgments on a case by case basis, the important thing is that what we do will benefit the whole student life.

Learning as much as possible about how students' lives look and what they need is a prerequisite for continuing to deliver good products and services. AF Bostäder continuously extends its contact areas to student life.
- We meet our tenants naturally daily, says Henrik Krantz. We cooperate regularly with students in different projects and increasingly in environmental issues. In addition, several active students work in our service center, something that significantly improved our service, increased our knowledge of our customers and also made us even more fun at work.

Latest update May 15, 2017
Henrik Krantz

For students

The Marathon marathon becomes a new Lund-style tradition

In September 2019, the newly built Marathon housing area was inaugurated with its very own race. The Marathon marathon is Lund-style marathon of 42 195 decimetres with a finish line at Athen in the AF Borgen building. The first race was organised in cooperation with LUGI Motion.

For students

Students and caretakers fix social spaces

Every year, AF Bostäder strives to improve its customer satisfaction rating. A common wish from the students is more space for studies, activities and getting together. Now, AF Bostäder is focusing on providing more social spaces. In a collaboration between students and caretakers, nicely furnished spaces are emerging, intended for, among other things, lounge socialising, table tennis and studying.

For students

Lund offers Sweden’s best student life

AF Bostäder continuously monitors the student housing market in order to maintain a balanced rate of expansion. There are many actors involved and the student housing market is steered by supply, demand and the customers’ wishes. Lund attracts many people with its good housing and one of the world’s best universities. The sense of community in Studentlund – Sweden’s best student life – is equally important.

For students

All-inclusive debuts at Studentlyckan

Broadband, heating and water are already included in AF Bostäder’s rents. Including electricity as well is both on the students’ wish list – and advantageous. Now the switch is being made, one area at a time, and Studentlyckan has become the first area where green electricity is included.

For students

Better information on mental health problems

Mental health problems are increasing among students. For this reason, AF Bostäder has started an information project called "Help". The aim is to provide both staff and students with more information on mental health and better tools for helping those who are affected.

For students

New rent-setting model for fair rents 

AF Bostäder has developed a new rent model based on the customers’ appraisals of their housing. The switch to the new rents began in 2019, after an agreement with the Swedish Union of Tenants (Hyresgästföreningen) and will take several years to complete. Due to a sensitive approach and thorough preparations, the change can be implemented with no hassle for customers.  

For students

Ten years of certification gives our customers security

AF Bostäder started to certificate its contractors in 2008, in order to give students the calmest possible environment for studying in their homes and better conditions for the contractors.

For students

Beloved corridor?

Most corridors tenants really enjoy corridor life, but new students would prefer to live in apartments – if they had the choice. AF Bostäder is testing new ways to increase the feeling of home on corridors.

For students

It is time to upgrade the AF Borgen building – the heart of Lund’s student life!

After many years of increasing activities in AF Borgen, it is now time for much longed-for and locally financed rebuilding work. AF Bostäder, of course, is involved and one of the financiers.

For students

Corridor life with an international touch

Lund University has a relatively high proportion of international students. One-fifth of AF Bostäder’s tenants come from other countries and the international students like to live – and thrive – on corridors.

For students

Proud sponsor of Lundapride!

Everyone is to feel equally welcome at AF Bostäder. The company has a clear position concerning everybody’s equal value and rights, and therefore participates in Lundapride.

For students

500 students were invited to take part in Lundaloppet

AF Bostäder would like to play a part in reducing sedentary time and spreading the joys of exercise. In May, a total of 500 students were invited to take part in the Lundaloppet fun run with AF Bostäder.

For students

New maintenance plan focuses on customer satisfaction

AF Bostäder has a new maintenance plan to be used to predict, simulate, cost-calculate and plan forthcoming maintenance. Most important – carrying out the projects with retained customer satisfaction.

For students

Lund – Sweden’s best student city

The AF Family and Studentlund offer student life that is unique in Sweden. The strong relationship with student life is a success factor and the sense of commitment is considerable.

For students

How rents are set

The rents are set in two stages. The first consideration is that rental income is to cover AF Bostäder’s costs. The second consideration is how the costs are to be divided between the individual properties.

For students

Clean, tidy and secure!

For many of the students, their AF Bostäder apartment is the first home of their own. Feeling secure is crucial for the experience of student housing – and a top priority for AF Bostäder.

For students

The student housing ombudsman – the students’ voice at AF Bostäder

AF Bostäder has its own student housing ombudsman, nicknamed “Bomben” in Swedish. The ombudsman is responsible for student influence on housing matters.

For students

The AF family stands for the best student life in Sweden

What is best for the students is the best for Lund. The students are our client and by continuing to strengthen our relationship with the AF family and Studentlund, we can continue to deliver good products and services.

For students

Everyone is equal on our housing list

To be eligible for our housing list, you have to be admitted at Lund University, and study actively (and preferably diligently). The annual study checks release a large number of housing places to active students.

For students

New improved waste sorting in the corridors

Since 2005, AF Bostäder has been running the project Clean and Tidy - an ambitious effort to keep the well-being of the tenants in corridor housing at a top level.

For students

New website for super-mobile customers

We are something of a pioneer regarding housing rentals online and for many years the company’s rental activities and range of services has been close to 100 % digital. In 2015, the website received a welcome boost.

For students

The customer system: our design, tailored for students

Every year, the tenants change at 3 000 apartments and corridor rooms. Such major and intensive administration requires the market’s best technology in order to offer the students the best possible service.

For students

7 500 tenants got the world’s fastest broadband

One important reason why students like to live in AF Bostäder housing is the high-quality IT infrastructure that has been in place for many years. That is why in 2013 we started to offer 1 Gbit per second – at no extra cost!