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Background wall with cornfield and the Öresund Bridge in the corridor and a newly renovated bathroom with cerise floor and white tiles.

Replumbing work the customer-friendly way

Starting in 2020, all the bathrooms at Delphi will be renovated and the piping replaced. In parallel, the accommodation and corridors will be revamped, and all the rooms will have faster broadband. All the tenants will be moved to housing with newly renovated bathrooms, so that no one has to put up with the renovation work. All corridor friends have the opportunity to move together.

Delphi is in the northeast corner of Lund and is AF Bostäder’s most student-intensive housing area. The area offers housing for 1 300 students, with accommodation for 1 000 on corridors. The area was designed by Lund’s own Hans Westman and is known for its strong community spirit.

“Starting in the autumn of 2020, all the bathrooms in Delphi’s corridor accommodation will be renovated and the piping replaced,” says Rickard Wallin, technical manager and project manager at AF Bostäder. “The bathrooms will get new interior fittings, new surfaces and towel driers. In combination with the replumbing, there will also be a revamp of the accommodation including paintwork, new doors and new hat racks. The broadband cables will be replaced by a new faster model and the ventilation will be improved. Each corridor will be revamped with a new look and a nice hotel-feeling according to four tasteful themes – earth, forest, ocean and wind – and there will be new spotlighting.”

Replumbing may sound like it is solely a technical project. In actual fact, it affects all parts of the company – marketing, financial administration, rental, property management, property development and IT – there is a lot to synchronise. As everyone is involved anyway, AF Bostäder saw an opportunity through a joint working group to find a way to carry out the renovation as smoothly as possible for the company’s customers.

“In the working group, we concluded that the customers did not have to stay there during the renovation,” says Rickard Wallin. “Instead, all the residents are moved – corridor by corridor – according to a system in which each move is from a current corridor to a newly renovated one. Those choosing to move to the assigned housing can continue to pay the same rent. Neighbours living on an adjacent stairwell to an ongoing project are given a rent reduction for the weeks when the disturbance is at its worst.”

A number of questions may arise in connection with the renovation and move concerning everything from rents and contracts to fire safety and practical considerations. AF Bostäder has appointed an assistant project manager, whose dedicated role is to help customers get the answers they are looking for, so they don’t need to worry or feel uncertain about the situation.

“My task is to make the move as easy as possible for our tenants, inform them about all the details and be available to answer questions,” says Therese Månsson, assistant project manager at AF Bostäder. “Among other things, we have been careful to do everything in good time, so that the move does not come as a surprise. We contact the affected tenants about six months before the renovation so that everyone has time to prepare in peace. When the move is approaching, we arrange an information meeting, outdoors of course, in a Covid-19-secure way.”

“An important part of corridor life is living together,” says Therese Månsson. “We therefore place a great emphasis on as many as possible being able to retain the community spirit on their corridor. The customers have the choice of either moving with their friends on the corridor or moving to other housing. Most choose to retain the community spirit and move together. Those who choose to move to assigned housing can keep their place in the housing queue.”

“When it’s time for the renovation, we offer help with moving in the form of moving trolleys, barrows, moving boxes and help to cover the cost of registering a change of address. And, of course, we also give out pizza coupons, as it’s not a real move without pizza,” says Therese Månsson.

Latest update June 2, 2021

A group of people running in orange t-shirts. Some are dressed up like a bunny
For students

Ready, steady, exercise!

It is well-known that we feel better in mind and body when we exercise. That is why in recent years, AF Bostäder has invited its tenants to take part in activities such as fun runs and league games in various sports, in cooperation with LUGI Motion. The interest from students is considerable and the atmosphere is great. Exercising is not only beneficial, but also very enjoyable.

Hand and a computer keyboard
For students

Fewer customers affected by consequences of debt collection

Customers with several debt collection demands regarding rent may, among other things, lose their queue time. AF Bostäder has therefore launched a new service that has reduced the number of consequences resulting from debt collection cases.

For students

New locks provide feeling of security at home

Everyone living at AF Bostäder is to feel secure in their home. That is why the company continuously maintains everything from outdoor environments, lighting and stairwells – to locks for housing.

Two students talkning in a corridor  kitchen
For students

New study on housing environment and mental health

Mental health problems are becoming more common and students are a particularly vulnerable group. Therefore, AF Bostäder wants to find out more about how student housing can affect health, and whether students can feel better depending on how they choose to live. The company has allowed two students on the psychology programme to examine the links between housing environment and mental health.

A student with a laptop
For students

New customer survey enables a better dialogue and faster measures

AF Bostäder’s vision is to be Sweden’s best student housing company. The organisation has a strong customer focus, and customer surveys, with questions covering areas such as housing, security and sustainability, form the basis for continuous initiatives regarding housing quality.

Two students walking at Ulrikedal
For students

Despite cost increases, new rents are in line with previous years

Preparations for the year’s rent negotiations were characterised by considerable uncertainty due to the economic climate. Although AF Bostäder has been affected by costs that are no longer in relation to revenue, the company has been able to ensure that rents rose by only 2% from 1 January 2023 (1.9% 2022).

A truck with banners and people
For students

Follow our policy: Go to the carnival!

As the students’ own housing company, AF Bostäder has a considerable responsibility to prudently manage its funds. In general, the company is restrained concerning sponsorship, but sees a great value in supporting the activities in student life and the Lund Carnival in particular. The sense of community in Lund’s student life is unique in Sweden, and the investments help to strengthen Lund as a university city.

One of AF Bostäder's small electric cars are driving by on a small road surrounded by trees and grass.
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Caretakers focus on wellbeing and security

AF Bostäder’s caretakers have a broad job description with responsibility for everything from ongoing maintenance, repairs and inspections to taking care of outdoor environments. But the most enjoyable – and most important – is the social responsibility. Caretakers at AF Bostäder are to promote social sustainability, help the students settle in and contribute to wellbeing and security in the housing area.

Six of the latest housing ombudsmen are standing on a staircase
For students

“Bomben” – the students’ own housing ombudsman

AF Bostäder is a foundation with a mission to provide housing for students at Lund University. The company is closely connected to student life and the students have considerable influence. The Academic Society appoints board members as well as the students’ own housing ombudsman – “bostadsombudsman” in Swedish and generally referred to as “Bomben”.

A picture of the entrance hall of Service Centre. The walls are pink with white illustrations. There is a bench, a key cabinet, a screen for laundry rooms booking and a desk with envelopes and forms.
For students

Smart new look makes Service Centre more inviting

AF Bostäder’s Service Centre is at Sparta, directly adjacent to the company’s head office. Students visit the Service Centre to ask all kinds of questions about their housing. The Service Centre also manages procedures for keys in connection with moving.

A postman leaving a brown package in one of the slots in a postbox.
For students

Outdoor gym and parcel drop boxes broaden range of services

AF Bostäder constantly looks for solutions to improve the housing experience and the range of services for tenants. Through cooperation with various partners, the company can find good ideas for services that suit the students. It is a customer group with certain specific conditions and interests – they work from home and rarely use a car.

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Wishlist became fine outdoor environment

When the outdoor environment at Ulrikedal was to be revamped, the students were invited to express their wishes – with fantastic results! Ulrikedal has become a verdant place for games, sport and socialising.

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Continued initiatives for mental health

An increasing number of students are affected by mental health problems. AF Bostäder has run the Help information project since 2019 to help more people get the right support. The initiatives continued in 2021 with education, lectures and film production, as well as preventive leisure activities, which have rapidly become popular.

Picture from within an apartment at Studentlyckan. From the hall a living room and a bedroom is visible
For students

More photos for better accommodation selection

At AF Bostäder, the viewing of housing and the renting out process are conducted digitally on the website. To make things easier for students, new and better photos and films will be available to show the housing areas.

Student fixing with her bike in a bike repair room
For students

New places for bicycle repairs

A bicycle is the best way to get around in Lund, and the students would like to fix their bicycles where they live. For that reason, AF Bostäder is opening more bicycle repair rooms.

A picture of the buildning AF Borgen with
For students

Sponsorship with an emphasis on student life

As the students’ own housing company, AF Bostäder has a great responsibility to carefully manage the foundation’s funds. In general, the company is restrained regarding sponsorship, but contributes every year to events and activities that are significant for student life.

A logo with a health care cross with the text
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The right help for mental health problems

Mental health problems affect more than one in two students. AF Bostäder launched the Help information project to increase knowledge among students and staff and to offer assistance for those affected.

Tomegapsgården's courtyard with bicycles, barbecue area and volleyball court.
For students

All-inclusive – if the customer could decide

It is becoming increasing common for property owners to divide up the rent invoice into several component parts. Water, heating, electricity, TV, broadband and so on are specified – and measured – separately. Based on the customers’ wishes, AF Bostäder chose to go in the opposite direction.

Four students walking at Vildanden behind some trees
For students

Study requirement checks release housing to active students

AF Bostäder is a foundation whose purpose is to offer housing to students who are admitted and active at Lund University and also members of the Studentlund association. Being an “active student” means that the tenant is to study for at least 15 credits per semester in order to keep their accommodation or place in the queue.

Male student with bike in front of bike parking with roof
For students

Secure bike parking spaces for all

Bikes are a key element in student life and many students want their own bike parking space. In newly-built areas almost everyone has their own space under cover, and now all the other areas are being upgraded.