Almost half of total waste is sorted – and the percentage will increase

Resource usage is an area in which AF Bostäder has considerable possibilities to make a positive impact. Using smart and efficient solutions, AF Bostäder creates good conditions for waste sorting and recycling.

“Our customers are among the most sustainability-conscious on the planet,” says Rose-Marie Stolpe, ex. Property Manager at AF Bostäder. “In order to offer students good conditions for sustainable everyday life, and to achieve changes in behaviour, we work in a long-term, systematic and targeted way. And, of course, we thoroughly evaluate our measures.”

AF Bostäder has a target that 50 % of total waste is to be sorted. In 2017, 51% of the total amount of waste was disposed of as unsorted residual waste, and 49% was sorted for recycling. The company offers easily accessible waste sorting adjacent to all housing. As the students seldom have cars, there are also facilities where tenants can leave old furniture, electronic waste and other bulky waste, which the caretaker can then take away.

sustainability goal - recyclingAF Bostäder also runs several projects, such as clothes collection in cooperation with Human Bridge, collection of single-use barbecues and deposit can collection boxes, which is an idea from one of the tenants to make it easier for those who want to hand in deposit cans and those who collect them. A project is being run in cooperation with Fimpfritt Lund to reduce the number of cigarette butts left on balconies and in courtyards.

“A lot of information is needed, both to encourage people to take responsibility for their waste and to make sure waste is sorted properly,” says Rose-Marie Stolpe. “Our caretakers spend a considerable amount of their working hours keeping the waste stations in order. That’s why the information campaign “Don’t waste the waste” was created. Using upbeat messages on the website, in social media and in competitions, we have highlighted that the waste stations exist, and what you do when you are there.”

“We have also rebuilt our waste stations to freshen up the surroundings where you throw your waste away, adjusted procedures so that containers don’t overflow and improved possibilities for waste sorting in corridor kitchens,” says Rose-Marie Stolpe. “The latest in a long line of initiatives are AF Bostäder’s new Waste films. The package includes educational information films that explain the benefits of waste sorting, and an attention-grabbing horror film – The Wasting – about unsorted waste that comes back to take revenge.”

“The films have attracted a lot of attention, both from customers and colleagues in the housing sector,” says Rose-Marie Stolpe. “The films have been shown at our corridor contact meetings, on social media, during visits to schools and at the student housing conference, Studbo, where the initiative received a good response.”

Latest update June 7, 2018

Towards sustanability

CO2e emissions have fallen by 92% since 2016

AF Bostäder has a goal to become 100% fossil fuel-free by the end of 2020. Challenges remain within the areas of company vehicles and business travel.

Towards sustanability

Good initiatives and inspiration stimulate better waste sorting

In 2019, AF Bostäder renewed its goal for waste management and continued to create simpler waste sorting conditions for the students. The approach involves combining practical and well thought-out measures with encouragement, nudging and inspiration.

Towards sustanability

Only sound building materials

Striving for a construction site free from environmentally hazardous products, materials and chemicals is a considerable challenge. AF Bostäder uses the Basta and SundaHus services and notes all products in a digital logbook.

Towards sustanability

Sustainability manual introduced for new production

AF Bostäder is in an expansive phase and building student housing on a large scale every year. The company sets stringent requirements for sustainability in its new production and has introduced its own sustainability manual as support for housing development.

Towards sustanability

Housing for insects

AF Bostäder opened 25 insect hotels in 2019 as a contribution to our natural surroundings and biodiversity. 

Towards sustanability

Waste sorting is better with underground recycling stations

AF Bostäder is replacing more and more traditional waste stations with Underground Waste Systems (UWSs). Waste sorting becomes simpler, management more cost-effective and the living environment is cleaner, neater and safer.

Towards sustanability

New valves ensure more consistent heating

In 2018, AF Bostäder carried out improvements on the indoor climate at four properties. All regulating valves and thermostatic valves were replaced, and tenants now have a more consistent indoor temperature.

Towards sustanability

Business ethics guidelines provide increased clarity

AF Bostäder has a zero tolerance policy towards all forms of corruption. Preventive work is important and therefore new guidelines for business ethics were adopted in January 2018.

Towards sustanability

Up to 85% of tenants’ residual waste is incorrectly sorted

An analysis of spot checks in randomly selected housing areas shows that between 70–85% of tenants’ residual waste, mainly food waste, is wrongly thrown away – and could have been recycled.

Towards sustanability

Greenhouse gas emissions have fallen 89% since 2016

For the second year in succession, AF Bostäder reduced its greenhouse gas emissions – down by 89% since 2016. The reduced climate impact is mainly due to switching to renewable district heating and electricity.

Towards sustanability

Detergent-free laundry rooms, the year’s cleanest news

AF Bostäder opened two new laundry rooms at Vildanden, where the tenants can wash their clothes using only cold water. The new technology reduces both energy consumption and the spread of chemicals.

Towards sustanability

Good response to new films on recycling

Resource usage is an area in which AF Bostäder has considerable possibilities to make a positive impact. The target is that 50 % of total waste is to be sorted.

Towards sustanability

AF Bostäder’s first Sustainability Report (2017) is here

AF Bostäder has long been involved in active environmental management. During 2016, we began to widening the perspective further and started to report on the activities in a Sustainability Report.

Towards sustanability

Setting high aims for lower energy consumption

AF Bostäder works intensively to reduce energy consumption. The focus is on properties built before 2009 and the aim is a 15 % reduction in energy consumption among the older properties in the portfolio by 2019.

Towards sustanability

Towards a fossil fuel-free future

AF Bostäder reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by almost 80 % in the period 2016–2017. A contributing factor is the change to renewable electricity in the properties– an initiative suggested by a proactive tenant.

Towards sustanability

Sponsor project for young migrants

In the autumn of 2017, ten of AF Bostäder’s corridors and over 50 tenants took part in a social project in cooperation with the pro-inclusion association Föreningen Hållihopp in Lund.

Towards sustanability

Don't waste the waste!

When AF Bostäder realized that the cartakers spent about 2-3 full-time posts per year to keep track of the waste stations, the information campaign "Do not waste the waste" was born.

Towards sustanability

Congratulations Bokompakt - Solar System of the Year 2015!

AF Bostäder and Bokompakt have been awarded the "Skåne Solar Award 2015" in the "Solar Cells of the Year" class.

Towards sustanability

A Swedish Classic? No, a Lund Classic!

If your employees are doing well, then AF Bostäder are doing well! That's why AF Bostäder invests heavily in wellness, happiness and fellowship

Towards sustanability

Halved heat consumption

We continue to optimize energy use in the older property portfolio. That's why we installed our first geothermal plant at Kämnärsrätten - and halved the property's heat consumption.