Proto - First, best and most beautiful

Proto is the first stage in New Kämnärsrätten and the 185 apartments (1-3 room apartments) can accommodate 307 students. The tenants moved in during spring 2019.

Facts about Proto student housing

  • Developer: AF Bostäder
  • Residential area (BOA): 6 850 sq.m.
  • Number of apartments: 185
  • Number of tenants: 307
  • Apartment types: 1-3 room apartments
  • Address: Kämnärsvägen 40, 42 and 44
  • Construction start: October 2017
  • Move-in: 15 April (Kämnärsvägen 42), 15 May (Kämnärsvägen 44) and 1 June (Kämnärsvägen 40)
  • Overall contractor: NCC
  • Architect: Fojab Arkitekter AB

The project

Proto consists of three buildings ranging from three to six floors high. Under the high ceilings there are two further floors with smart maisonettes. These apartments are perfectly designed to share with good friends and still feel private.

All building materials are free of substances that may harm the environment or health, and chosen to minimize the use of resources. The houses are well isolated and have recycling systems that make energy consumption about 20% lower than current new construction requirements. The energy used is more than 90% renewable and according to current forecasts, we reach a 100% by 2020.

Latest update August 20, 2020