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Heat pump at Gylleholm

Between April 17 and June 30, an exhaust air heat pump facility will be installed at Gylleholm. By reusing the warm air that is vented away from the student housing, energy consumption at Gylleholm will be reduced.


  • Ventilation ducts and units will be installed on the roof during weeks 16–22
  • The radiators in the homes are replaced in week 18
  • Thermostats for the radiators in the homes are installed in week 21
  • The ventilation in the homes is adjusted in weeks 24–25

There will also be two new spiral staircases for access to the roof.


Some work will be noisy. The ventilation may need to be temporarily turned off.


If you have questions about the project, please contact Staffan Jacobsson at +46 (0) 46 19 15 42,


Latest update May 29, 2023