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Hippocampus is the third student housing quarter of a total of seven new quarters at Kämnärsrätten. A varied and pleasant quarter will be created, providing space for a further 253 Lund students. In addition, Hippocampus will offer one of Lund’s highest vantage points – a perfect place for the thinkers of tomorrow.


  • December 2018 - The tenants at Kämnärsvägen 74-98 (even numbers) move out
  • Spring 2019 - Demolition work
  • October 2019 - Construction start
  • May - June 2021 - The apartments are rented out
  • September 2021 - Students start moving in

The times are preliminary and may change.

Facts about Hippocampus student housing

  • Developer: AF Bostäder
  • Residential area (BOA): 6 021 s.qm.
  • Number of apartments: 137
  • Number of tenants: 253
  • Apartment types: 1-room apartments and apartments for 2-3 friends
  • Sustainability ambition: Environmental building silver
  • Overall contractor: NIMAB
  • Architect: Jais Arkitekter AB
  • Address: Kämnärsvägen 80, 82, 84 and 86

Area map

Open a clickable area overview (pdf) showing apartment drawings, apartment floor, storage room, bicycle parking space, and laundry room.

About the project

At Hippocampus, we are constructing four buildings of varying designs and heights. The angular terrace building with galleries has 4 floors, just like the low-rise terrace building. The two tower buildings are 5 and 10 floors high. As the entire quarter is located on one of Lund’s highest points it may be the highest residential building in the city. Living and studying here, with views over Lund, Skåne, and the Öresund strait will be a real high point for the students.

The apartment types (one-room apartments and apartments for two-three friends) are designed for the best possible student life and are equipped with induction cookers among other things. Each 4-room apartment has its own dishwasher.

Hippocampus has high environmental requirements such as the choice of building materials, sedum roofs, lower energy consumption than requirements for new builds, and a strong focus on using bicycles. Every tenant will have a covered parking spot for their bicycle as standard.

The name Hippocampus

Hippocampus is named after a small area of grey matter in the limbic system of the brain. It’s an area that is important for our ability to remember but also for our sense of direction – especially when we are to explore new territory. 

Accessibility and parking

There are limited parking spaces on Kämnärsvägen. When the project is in progress, the parking ticket at Kämnärsrätten also applies at Delphi (west of Kämnärsrätten). There are two parking spaces along Delfinvägen both north and south of Actic Delphinenbadet.


Land and construction works will occasionally cause disturbances such as noise and limited accessibility for cars. Pedestrian and bicycle traffic to the properties may be referred to another nearby road.

During demolition work and new construction, there will be heavy traffic on both Kämnärsvägen and Magistratsvägen.

Project Manager

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Project Manager Martin Jacobsson on +46 (0) 46 19 14 62 or

Latest update July 8, 2021