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Demolition of four-leaf clover house at Kämnärsrätten

At Kämnärsrätten, AF Bostäder is building a new, green, and long-term sustainable district for student housing. Bit by bit, Kämnärsrätten is transformed into Sweden's most cozy campus area, the four-leaf clover houses are demolished and replaced with new modern student housing. In September 2022, the demolition of the last four-leaf clover houses on Kämnärsvägen 57–69 (odd numbers) will begin. Due to the demolition, the tenants need to be evacuated.


All tenants on Kämnärsvägen 57–69 (odd numbers) must be vacated by 31 August 2022. Demolition will begin on 1 September 2022. Detailed information will be sent continuously via email to the tenants.


The four-leaf clover houses at Kämnärsrätten were a temporary solution that became permanent, due to the lack of student housing in Lund. Over the years, AF Bostäder has renovated, made maintenance and efforts that can no longer be justified in relation to costs. The buildings were simply not designed for long-term management. The four-leaf clover houses use more than twice as much energy as allowed by modern new building standards.


Please contact Service Centre at +46 (0) 46 - 19 15 00 or by email at if you have any questions about the evacuation.

Latest update September 27, 2021