• Illustration of New Kämnärsrätten [Fojab arkitekter AB]

  • Illustration of New Kämnärsrätten [Jais arkitekter AB]

New Kämnärsrätten

We have a long-term plan for renewal and expansion at Kämnärsrätten. When the work is complete, we will have replaced the four-leaf clover houses with about 1500 new student housing - more than twice as many as before.


The timetable is preliminary and may change. Evacuation of the other stages (etapper in Swedish) will be decided later on in the project.

Stage 4 - Name not set yet

Timetable for Kämnärsvägen 10-34 (even numbers). 

  • December 2020 - The tenants move out
  • Beginning of 2021 - Demolition work begins
  • Autumn 2021 - Construction start
  • End of 2023 - Move-in

Stage 3 - Pireus

Timetable for Pireus, i.e. The area between Kämnärsvägen 10-34 and Delphi.

  • Spring 2021 - Construction start
  • Spring 2023 - Move-in

Stage 2 - Hippocampus

Timetable for Hippocampus, i.e. former address Kämnärsvägen 74-98 (even numbers):

  • December 2018 - The tenants move out
  • Beginning of 2019 - Demolition work begins
  • October 2019 - Construction start
  • End of 2021 - Move-in

Stage 1 - Proto and Sagoeken 

Former address Kämnärsvägen 36-72 (even numbers). The tenants moved into Proto and Sagoeken spring/summer 2019. 

Kämnärsvägen - Campuskilen

In conjunction with the new construction, there will be changes to Kämnärsvägen. The road will become Campuskilen, a hub for various types of activity. 

Four-leaf clover houses

Tenants who live in the four-leaf clover apartments must move out, see information to residents. The addresses affected are:

  • Kämnärsvägen 10-34 - Stage 4
  • Kämnärsvägen 36-72 - Stage 1. Proto and Sagoeken
  • Kämnärsvägen 74-98 - Stage 2. Hippocampus
  • Kämnärsvägen 57-69 (odd numbers)


The four-leaf clover houses at Kämnärsrätten was a temporary solution that became permanent, due to the lack of student housing in Lund. Over the years, AF Bostäder has renovated, made maintenance and efforts that can no longer be justified in relation to costs. The buildings were simply not designed for long-term management. The four-leaf clover houses uses more than twice as much energy as allowed by modern new building standards. The costs of carrying out the necessary renovations end up at the same level as building entirely new and better housing for more students. 

Contact - Rental matters

Please contact Service Centre at +46 (0) 46 - 19 15 00 or by email info@afbostader.se with any questions you may have about the special terms that apply evacuation. 

Latest update October 19, 2020