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  • Jais Arkitekter AB


Hippocampus is the second stage in New Kämnärsrätten. The 135 student apartments will accommodate nearly 260 students.

The block Hippocampus consists of four buildings that are at least four and at most ten floors high. The latter becomes AF Bostäder's highest student house! The two tower buildings are 5 and 10 floors high. The building at an angle with galleries has 4 floors, just like the lamella building. The apartment types are mostly two- and three room apartments, but there will also be some one room apartments and a few four room apartments.


  • December 2018 - The tenants at Kämnärsvägen 74-98 move out
  • From February to June 2019 - Demolition work
  • Autumn 2019 - Construction start
  • Move-in - Not yet determined

The times are preliminary and may change.

Facts about Hippocampus student housing

Developer: AF Bostäder
Residential area (BOA): 6 230 s.qm.
Number of apartments: 135
Number of tenants: 258
Apartment types: 1-4-room apartments
Construction start: Preliminary autumn 2019
Move-in: Not determined
Overall contractor: Not determines
Architect: Jais Arkitekter AB


From February 19 to June 2019, the houses on Kämnärsvägen 74-98 will be demolished. Demolition works cause noise to the environment and it also generates dispersion of dust. During the period there will be a lot of truck transport from the area.

Project Manager

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Project Manager Martin Jacobsson on 046-19 14 62 or martin.jacobsson@afbostader.se.

Latest update April 11, 2019