Information to residents at Kämnärsrätten

The new construction at Kämnärsrätten is a comprehensive and long-term project. All tenants in the area will therefore be affected by the project in one way or another.


The four-leaf clover houses at Kämnärsrätten will be demolished and replaced with new modern student apartments. Before the demolition work begins, the tenants must move out. The tenants will be informed by email long before the evacuation takes place. They will be given a unique opportunity to influence the choice of new housing with us. Please contact Service Centre if you have questions regarding your evacuation.

During the spring 2019, starting in February, the student housing at Kämnärsvägen 74-98 will be demolished.

Accessibility and parking

The parking along Kämnärsvägen is closed. 

When the project is in progress, the parking ticket at Kämnärsrätten also applies at Delphi (west of Kämnärsrätten). There are two parking spaces along Delfinvägen both north and south of Actic Delphinenbadet.

Work barges are placed on Kämnärsvägen next to the construction site. Because of this, the road will be narrowed off at Kämnärsvägen 41 and 47 to only one lane and no sidewalks. Past the entire construction site, pedestrians can use the sidewalk north of Kämnärsvägen.

All these measures are taken to create as safe and secure environment around the construction site and to ensure that wide transports reach the workplace.

Traffic and transport

During demolition work and new construction there will be heavy traffic on both Kämnärsvägen and Magistratsvägen.


You can find detailed information about the project on the project website. It is a good idea to visit the site regularly to make sure you are kept up to date. Information that concerns tenants at Kämnärsrätten is always sent directly by email.

Latest update March 19, 2019