Kämnärsvägen Campuskilen

In conjunction with the expansion of the new Kämnärsrätten district, there will also be changes to Kämnärsvägen, the road that runs through the area. The road will become Campuskilen, a living street – a hub for various types of activity.

A common factor for the new Kämnärsrätten is a pleasant outdoor life, with space for barbecues, outdoor gym, boule court, hammock area and much more. It is an area where tenants, friends, visitors and Lund residents in general will be able to walk, cycle and take time out to sunbathe and socialise.


The work with Campuskilen will be carried out in stages in parallel with the new construction projects.

  • Stage one, June 2019 – February 2020: The first stage of Campuskilen is from Proto’s western side (Kämnärsvägen 31) to Sagoeken’s east side (Kämnärsvägen 49). See pink marking below.

Campuskilen, stage 1


  • In terms of traffic, Kämnärsvägen will change from a road to a living street, where cars and bicycles can drive, but on the pedestrians’ terms.
  • Kämnärsvägen will be reduced in size and there will be changes to the areas that are currently road surface, pavement and green spaces closest to the road.
  • Functions that serve the whole area will be reviewed, such as waste handling, green spaces and parking.
  • The whole area will be connected by Campuskilen, the thoroughfare, where we will bring together various activities such as green spaces, waste handling, cycle path and outside gym. 
  • It will still be possible to drive along Kämnärsvägen. Thus, in the future there will still be vehicles such as cars, refuse trucks, removal vans, delivery vans and school services. 


Originally, the vision for the area included plans for a large number of cars. Nowadays, we know that students can rarely afford a car, and the bicycle is the transport of choice. What was previously a long, dull access road with parked cars will be the new Kämnärsrätten’s artery – a place that connects all parts of the area with the surrounding buildings and quarters, and which is also a large and pleasant living space.

Project manager

If you have any questions about the project, please contact the project manager Kristina Bondesson at kristina.bondesson@afbostader.se or +46 46 19 14 54.

Latest update August 14, 2019