New ventilation system on Kämnärsvägen 71 F and G

In the summer of 2020, we will install a new ventilation system on Kämnärsvägen 71 F and G, which results in better indoor environment and reduced energy consumption.

By installing the new ventilation system with both supply and exhaust air to all dormitories, the indoor environment will be improved for the residents. This is because preheated air is introduced into the student housing instead of cold outdoor air. In addition, energy consumption is reduced because the heat that was previously blown straight out now can be reused.


  • Week 25 - The old ventilation unit is demolished
  • Week 26 and 27 - New ventilation ducts are installed in the common areas and inside the student rooms.


Ventilation will be switched off during week 25 - 27. The student housing will then be ventilated by opening the windows.

It can get crowded and sometimes dirty at the fan room, which is located near the entrance on the ground floor.

Noisy work will occur.


The ventilation system is 26 years old and has reached the length of its technical function.

Project Manager

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Staffan Jacobsson on +46 (0) 46 19 15 42 or

Latest update May 14, 2020