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Kämnärsvägen Campuskilen

In conjunction with the expansion of the new Kämnärsrätten district, there will also be changes to Kämnärsvägen, the road that runs through the area. The road will become Campuskilen, a pedestrian area with different types of activities gathered. During August and September 2021, we will renovate the eastern part of Kämnärsvägen (along Hippocampus) so that it will be similar to what already exists at Proto and Sagoeken.

Timetable (see map above)

  • Stage 1: August 9 - September 2
  • Stage 2: September 2-3
  • Stage 3: September 6–24
  • Stage 4: September 27 
  • Stage 5: September 28 - October 4

The schedule is preliminary and may be adjusted.

(Stage = "Etapp" in Swedish)


  • Between 9 August and 12 October, Kämnärsvägen will be closed to through traffic. The plan is for all entrances along Kämnärsvägen ("infart" on the map above) to be accessible from either the eastern or western part of Kämnärsvägen. The entrances along Kämnärsvägen will only be closed for one day each when the work is carried out there.
  • When stage 1 is completed, a new UWS (underground waste station) will open at Hippocampus and the old container station will be closed.
  • Asphalting and planting take place between 4–12 October, and then accessibility will be limited. But it will always be possible to drive onto Kämnärsvägen via one of the directions.

Please respect fences and shutdowns. Keep in mind that heavy machinery is in motion during this period.


Originally, the vision for the area included plans for a large number of cars. Nowadays, we know that students can rarely afford a car, and the bicycle is the transport of choice. What was previously a long, dull access road with parked cars will be the new Kämnärsrätten’s artery – Campuskilen. A pedestrian area that connects all parts of the area with the surrounding buildings and quarters, and which is also a large and pleasant living space.

Here, among other things, a boule court, outdoor gym, study places, hammocks, barbecue area, and stylish solutions for waste management and bicycle repair are built. Campuskilen becomes an outside living room where students can study, relax, work out and hang out.

Cars and bicycles will be allowed to drive along the road but on the pedestrians’ terms.

Project Manager

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Project Manager Martin Jacobsson at or +46 46 19 14 62.

Latest update July 8, 2021