New district heating station at Magasinet 13

The district heating station and the exhaust air unit at Spolegatan 13 have reached their technical lifetime and will be replaced during the summer 2019.


Work begins on week 22 (May) and is expected to be completed during week 36 (September).


We need to visit each student housing at about 3 times, to perform the following activities:

  • Cleaning the ventilation ducts and outdoor air intake.
  • Replacing radiator valves and adjusting the radiator system
  • Ventilation of radiators
  • Adjusting the ventilation system
  • Mounting of radiator thermostat


For a few days, the ventilation will be completely shut off and the residents will have to ventilate the home by opening the windows.

Hot water will be shut down for about two days and there will be shorter interruptions in the supply of cold water.

The work will occasionally cause disturbances in the form of noise, mainly when the old ventilation units are lifted out and the new ones are put in place.

Project Manager

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Staffan Jacobsson at or 046-19 15 42.

Latest update May 29, 2019