• Type sketch interior

  • Type sketch interior

  • Flygfoto före renovering/Before renovation

Renovation work at Gylleholm

Gylleholm student accommodation, which consist of 48 one-bed apartments, was originally designed by Lund architect Hans Westman. The buildings are sometimes known as the “four-leafed clover” and were built in 1966 as part of Sweden’s Million Homes Programme. Renovation work will go on at Gylleholm until 2019 to bring the accommodation up to a modern standard, without losing its character. The work will involve new facades and modernising the bathrooms and kitchens.


We will be renovating the apartments at Gylleholm (Gylleholmsgatan 11-13) from autumn 2016 onwards. The renovation work will be carried out in stages, tackling eight apartments at a time and the extent of the work means that it will not be possible to stay in the apartment while it is being carried out. If you are currently a tenant at Gylleholm, we will be sending you an email with more information in good time before you will have to move out of your apartment. You will also be offered various alternative options before your move.

The schedule for the project isn’t completely set yet. The times and scope may change but at the moment we envisage the following provisional schedule:

1 March to 1 July 2017, Gylleholmsgatan 11 E-H and 11 Q-T
1 September to 1 December 2017, Gylleholmsgatan 11 I-L and 11 M-P

1 February to 1 July 2018, Gylleholmsgatan 13 A-D and 13 U-Y
1 September to 1 December 2018, Gylleholmsgatan 13 E-H and 13 Q-T

1 February to 1 July 2019, Gylleholmsgatan 13 I-L and 13 M-P

Phases of the work

Apartments will be renovated 2016-2019

Drawing of Gylleholm apartment after renovationThe kitchens at Gylleholm are small and suffer from a number of functional problems, such as small stoves and fridges without freezers. On top of that there are ventilation issues and aging wiring. The renovation work at Gylleholm will tackle these issues, bringing the apartments up to date and making them functional in the modern world. The internal renovation work will be completed in stages, starting in autumn 2016 and running up to mid-2019. The actual internal apartmen design may differ from the sketches.

Facades where replaced 2015

Cedar panel at GylleholmIn 2015 we replaced Gylleholm’s external panel
with cedar panels. We chose cedar panelling for the natural properties of the wood. Cedar contains acids that make the wood very resistant to rot compared with other woods. This means that cedar needs very little maintenance and will be able to cope with everything the weather throws at it for many years to come. Over time the cedar will age to a beautiful silvery grey. While replacing the panels, we also replaced the light fittings by the door to each apartment and on the facades.


All the details concerning the moving out and allocation of new accommodation will be managed by our Service Centre, which you can contact in various ways. If you have any questions about the practical details of the project, please contact the project manager Peter Molin.

Project manager

Peter Molin
peter.molin@afbostader.se, 046-19 15 41

Latest update May 3, 2017