Replumbing pilot project at Delphi

In the autumn of 2020, we will carry out replumbing work at Delphi 55 B, right side. This is a pilot project that will determine the working method for the continued replumbing work.


  • Summer 2020: Preparatory work before replumbing begins – division of the double corridors
  • Autumn 2020: Replumbing pilot project at Delphi 55 B, right side (see addresses below)
  • Winter 2020: Decision on the schedule for continued replumbing work


During the replumbing, it is not possible to stay in the corridor rooms, which means that current tenants must move out. Detailed information will be sent out via email to the tenants who are affected in good time before the work starts. 

The pilot project includes 56 student corridor rooms at Delphi 55 B, right side:

  • Magistratsvägen 55 B1011 - B1024
  • Magistratsvägen 55 B1111 - B1124
  • Magistratsvägen 55 B1211 - B1224
  • Magistratsvägen 55 B1311 - B1324


The replumbing will involve noisy work. The noise may also spread to nearby stairwells.


It is time to start replumbing – replacing pipes – in the older buildings of our student housing portfolio. This involves extensive work, which we want to do in the best possible way for our tenants. To find the best method for continued work, we will start with a pilot project at Delphi 55 B. The pilot project will be evaluated in consultation with customers, contractors and our own staff. Thereafter, the working method will be determined for the continued replumbing work. 

Delphi 55 B right consists of 3 double corridors and one single corridor. In order to carry out the replumbing project, the double corridors need to be divided. The division will take place before the replumbing work begins. More information will be sent out in advance to those affected.

About replumbing

Replumbing is necessary maintenance for a property and involves the replacement of the pipes that carry tap water and wastewater. The measure is taken to avoid blockages and cracking in old pipes, which can cause extensive damage. Replumbing work is a quite extensive procedure as most pipes are hidden under floors or behind walls. These pipes need to be exposed before they can be replaced. After the replumbing is completed, the surface layers are restored. 

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Contact - Questions about the project

If you have any questions about the project, contact Rickard Wallin +46 (0) 046 - 19 15 60 or

Latest update April 15, 2020