Renovation of Studentlyckan

Studentlyckan consists of 184 apartments that were completed in 1960. The housing area was designed by Hans Westman, who was the architect behind many of our housing areas. From autumn 2017, Studentlyckan will undergo a renovation, including facades, kitchens, sewers and ventilation.


The improvements at Studentlyckan are being carried out over several years, but we are working stairwell by stairwell to minimize the effect on our tenants. 

Ongoing renovations

  • 2020 - Råbyvägen 15 A and E

The timetable applies primarily to the interior renovations. The facade renovation has a different timetable. The timetable is preliminary and may be changed.

Completed renovations

  • 2020 - Råbyvägen 15 B and C
  • 2019 - Råbyvägen 15 D, F, G, H and J
  • 2018 - Råbyvägen 15 K, M, N and O
  • 2017 - Råbyvägen 15 L


During the renovation work, we need access to each apartment for about 3 weeks. It is possible to stay in the apartment when the renovation is being carried out, but craftsmen will be in the apartment during working hours. While the apartment is being renovated, residents have no access to the kitchen for about 3 weeks and no access to the bathroom for about 1 week. Toilet, shower and a simpler kitchen area will be available in the courtyard. Tenants affected will be presented a more detailed schedule before the work begins.


The renovation will cause noisy work. The noise can spread to surrounding stairwells.

During the renovation of the facades, there will be scaffolding outside the apartments.

Renovation content


The facades will be washed, all broken concrete fixed and the joints will be replaced. Then the facades will be painted in a similar color as today


  • The kitchen interior will be replaced
  • Extractor hoods will be installed
  • The floor mat will be replaced
  • The walls will be painted

Drainage Pipes

On all sewers, we will perform relining. This means that a new pipe is being built inside the old pipe.

Ventilation work

The ventilation system will be rebuilt. Each apartment will be equipped with a separate ventilation unit that only serves the apartment. There will be mechanical supply air and exhaust air. The unit is placed above the stove and can also be used as a cooker fan. New ventilation ducts are drawn at an angle between ceiling and wall to bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet. In some apartments, an overcap in the wardrobe will be replaced by a ventilation duct.

Electrical work

The apartment will be equipped with a five-wire system and grounded outlets.


Studentlyckan was built in 1960s and is in considerable need of renovation. Facades are damaged, piping systems for water and heating need to be overhauled and the ventilation is inadequate by modern standards, not least from an energy efficiency perspective.

A pilot project began in one of the blocks in 2017. Twelve apartments were fitted with renovated kitchens, mechanical air ventilation, new kitchen fans (there were none before), new piping for heating and hot and cold water, relined wastewater systems and revamped electrical systems. Repair work was done on the facade, which was then painted in a colour that is as close to the original as possible. The colour scheme was developed in cooperation with the municipality’s curator. The familiar tiles that decorate the balconies are, of course, still in place.

Project Manager

If you have any questions, please contact the Project Manager Martin Jacobsson at or 046-19 14 62.

Latest update June 5, 2020