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Lundaloppet 2023

Lundaloppet is Lund's most classic exercise race, which has been organized by IFK Lund since the 80s. This year, those who live with AF Bostäder get a 30% discount on the entry fee.

About the race Lundaloppet 2023

  • 15–18 March: Warm up race 1 in Källby
  • 12–15 April: Warm up race 2 in Östra Lund
  • 6 May: The classic race where you can walk/jog/run 5 or 10 kilometers through central Lund.


You can sign up for all three races (the Golden package, regular price SEK 695) or just for the classic Lundaloppet race on May 6 (regular price SEK 395). With AF Bostäder's discount, registration for the Golden package including this year's t-shirt costs only SEK 486, and for Lundaloppet SEK 276.

You will find all the information about the offer on Lundaloppet's website.


  1. Go to AF Bostäder's registration form on Lundaloppet's website.
  2. Choose a Category and fill in the rest of the registration form.
  3. Enter your AF Bostäder customer number (which you can find on Your pages). If you have a lodger, they can use the same customer number as you.
  4. Enter the discount code: AFBrunning2023
  5. Click verify. Once the discount code is verified, the amount to be paid changes.
  6. You will receive a confirmation of your registration via email from Lundaloppet.

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Information about Lundaloppet can be found on their website.

Latest update February 9, 2023