Move out cleaning

When you move out, you must clean your student housing. Use the cleaning checklist så you don't risk missing anything.

According to the rental agreement, the next tenant has the right to move into well-cleaned lodgings. Therefore, it may be useful to know that if your lodgings are not properly cleaned when you leave, we must charge you the cleaning company's costs, which are currently 370-3500 SEK (prices subject to change) depending on how extensive cleaning becomes. 

When cleaning, use the checklist so you don’t risk missing anything. The same checklist is also used by your caretaker at the move out inspection. 


  • Green sponges with an abrasive effect should not be used on painted surfaces windows, porcelain, fridge/freezer or bathtub as this destroys surfaces.
  • Think about the environment and use environmentally approved cleaning chemicals. Be careful!
  • Due to risks of personal injury and damage to sewage pipes, do not use caustic soda.


  • Pull out the cooker by gripping the sides. Clean the sides and rear parts as well as the wall, cupboard sides and floor. Clean the hot plates and their sides.
  • Clean the insides of the oven and warming cupboard. Also clean any metal oven sheets.
  • The kitchen fan (or air vent) is to be cleaned inside and out.
  • The fridge, cooling cupboard and freezer compartment incl. upper cupboard are to be defrosted, cleaned and aired.
  • The kitchen cupboards are to be washed clean inside and out.
  • Clean the windows/window frames, ceiling, floor, radiators doors and door-frames.


  • Clean the floor drain (applies to both bathtub and shower).
  • Unfasten the front of the bath and clean under the bathtub.
  • If you have a shower cubicle, don't forget that the door rails also need to be cleaned/descale thoroughly.
  • Clean/descale the toilet inside and out. Don't forget the bend.
  • Clean/descale the wash basin inside and out.
  • Clean/descale the windows/window frames, ceiling, floor, radiators doors and door-frames.
  • Clean the bathroom cabinet inside out and the mirror.

Tip! A lime detergent makes the cleaning much easier; can be purchased in most grocery stores.  


  • Remove the bedtop in stretch (the one you got when you moved in).
  • Wipe the backs and shelves of all wardrobes.
  • Wash the doors. Don't forget the top edges.
  • Clean the floor, walls and ceiling.
  • Remove wall pluggs and fill the bore hole.
  • Clean the radiators and also behind the radiators.
  • Painted surfaces, window-frames and skirting boards are to be washed.
  • Clean windows on all sides including between the double glazed panes.
  • Wash window joinery.

Plugs shall be removed and walls with plug holes shall be restored professionally.

Latest update January 3, 2020