Alcohol-free corridor

AF Bostäder has (since 2009) an alcohol-free corridor at Delphi, suitable for those students who do not want or cannot live in a home environment where alcohol is present.

What does alcohol-free corridor mean?

In the alcohol-free corridor, alcohol is banned. This means that the tenants are not allowed to drink alcohol or be under the influence of alcohol on the corridor, including the kitchen and other common spaces. The ban on alcohol also applies to the tenant’s guests, the tenant is always fully responsible for them. If the ban is contravened, it is considered a serious contract violation, which means that the contract will be terminated.

Five benefits of an alcohol-free corridor, according to the residents

  1. Better order in the common kitchen.
  2. Less disturbing sounds - easier to sleep.
  3. Inclusive environment when no one drinks - everyone can join.
  4. More space in the fridge.
  5. Better health for the residents.

Source: Hem & Hyra 2018-06-12

Rental process

The 14 corridor rooms are rented in the same way as all other available student housing. Additional information about the corridor being non-alcoholic is provided in the housing information.


The alcohol-free corridor with 14 corridor rooms is located at Delphi, Magistratsvägen 55 B 1011-1024.

Latest update January 3, 2020