Business premises

In our housing areas vi have business premises.

Available premises is rented via Objektvision

Location of our business premises

Delphi and Kämnärsrätten

Total site area: Delphi 4455 sqm and Kämnärsrätten 1653 sqm
Number of student residences: Delphi 1357 and Kämnärsrätten 934

Delphi and Kämnärsrätten are right next door to one another and together form AF-Bostäder’s largest student residence area. They house brand-new students and slightly older students with families. The area is full of life and is an outstanding place for service companies, and the current local range includes swimming baths and day nurseries. The area also includes office sites.


Total site area: 527 sqm
Number of student residences: 774 

Vildanden is one of our largest student residential areas with both corridor accommodation and apartments. There is a business centre close by, which means there are a lot of people around. Car-parking opportunities are good. There are also a number of office sites here.


Total site area: 782 sqm
Number of student residences: 158

Magasinet is one of our most central areas, and is just a stone’s throw away from the city centre with immediate access to the central station, bus connections, taxi rank, various hotels. The local range at Magasinet consists of office premises for service or consultancy companies.

Parentesen, Ulrikedal, Studentlyckan

Total site area: 1809 sqm
Number of student residences: 1 162

Parentesen, Ulrikedal, and Studentlyckan are all just a stone’s throw from each other, and Gylleholm also lies in the same area. Altogether, the area is packed with students and full of life. In AF-Bostäder’s premises you will find children’s day nurseries, restaurants, food stores, and club rooms, and the area is always full of people, both residents and from elsewhere. Other attractions, including food businesses, banks, post-offices, and Lund city centre, are within walking distance.


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Latest update April 18, 2019