Corridor contact

The corridor contact is a tenant who handles the corridor's joint dialogue with AF Bostäder. More than 90% of AF Bostäder's corridors have a corridor contact, which strongly contributes to a well-maintained and pleasant living environment.

All corridors can designate a tenant as corridor contact. The person must meet AF Bostäder's study requirements and preferably have lived on the corridor for at least one semester.

Corridor contact tasks

  • Spread information from AF Bostäder to the residents on the corridor and make sure that the residents’ important viewpoints are passed on to AF Bostäder.
  • Welcome new tenants to the corridor and inform them about the house rules and cleaning routines.
  • Make sure that regular cleaning routines and planned comprehensive cleaning work efficiently in the corridor, for example by drawing up a cleaning schedule.
  • Make sure that fault report is made for the common living spaces (kitchen, living room and corridor).
  • Participate in corridor contact meetings and be helpful with other minor tasks.

The caretaker support the work.


  • The compensation is SEK 990 per year for the assignment as a corridor contact (rent deduction for 9 months, September-May)
  • A duty of service
  • Possibility to use AF Bostäder as a reference when looking for employment in the future


  • Is tenant at AF Bostäder and has preferably lived in the corridor for at least one semester
  • Meets AF Bostäder's study requirements according to the contract
  • Is outgoing and service oriented


Contact the caretaker.

Latest update March 14, 2019