Fire safety

Here you can learn more about fire safety and what you can do to try and protect your home from fire.

Preventative efforts

  • Stove fire is the most common cause of fire in the homes, so never leave the stove when cooking.
  • Do not store anything on the stove.
  • Clean the kitchen fan filter regularly.
  • Estinguish candles before you leave the room.
  • Never charge your mobile phone, tablet or laptop without overview or during the night.
  • Check your fire alarm regularly.
  • Keep corridors and common areas free of objects.
  • Close the doors to common areas (corridors, cellar and loft etc.) properly when you leave the area.
  • For safety reasons, barbecue on balconies, galleries or close to buildings is prohibited. Use the barbecue places in the housing areas instead.
  • Out of respect for your neighbors - avoid smoking on the balcony. But, if you still do, put your cigarette butt in ceramic, metal or glass ashtrays. Avoid putting cigarette butts in flower pots, balcony boxes, plastic or vessels of other combustible material - it can catch fire.

Fire alarms save lives

We always equip out properties with fire alarms. If you do not have any fire alarm or if it is broken, please contact your caretaker. Tenants are responsible for testing the function of the fire alarm regularly. Press the test button to test all functions of the fire alarm, including the battery operation. You can hear a signal when it is working.

No storage in common areas

For safety reasons, it is not permitted to store objects in common areas such as stairwells, corridors, airways, etc. Otherwise, it may block in case of an evacuation or for sickness and rescue services. Never block evacuation routes or fire doors.

Please report any problems with fire doors, blocked evacuation routes, illumination lights, or other things that you think may affect fire safety.

Fire blanket

AF Bostäder provide fire blankets to the corridor kitchens and some apartments. With a fire blanket you can quickly and efficiently extinguish a fire. Contact your caretaker if a fire blanket must be replaced. See the instructional film below (in Swedish) for how to use the fire blanket.

Driving in the housing area

All entrances and roads within a housing area are to be considered as rescue routes and must never be blocked. During moving activities, you may leave your car parked for a short period of time for loading or unloading, but you must always have it under observation.

Storage of flammable goods

Remember that there are special regulations for storing flammable goods (i.e. petrol, grill lighter fluid, concentrated windscreen washer liquid, etc.). It is forbidden to store flammable goods in storages. If you need to know more, contact your caretaker.

You have a big responsibility

As a tenant, you should be aware that your have a responsibility for preventing accidents like a fire. The tenant is obliged, according to the rental act § 24, to care for the apartment with all related spaces. Such spaces can be storage, balcony, common areas such as kitchen and corridor etc.

Home insurance protects you

Your home insurance will help you if you suffer from a fire in your home because it can compensate damage to your property. In addition, there is a liability protection if you or someone in your household would cause a fire in your home.

Systematic fire security work

The responsibility for fire safety in apartment buildings lies with both the property owner and the tenants. AF Bostäder operates a systematic fire security process to ensure that fire security functions correctly. This means that we have a systematic method of both preventing fires and reducing the consequences of any fires that may occur. The caretakers are trained in fire security work and perform regular inspections of our fire security systems. They check our technical fire systems, fire prevention systems, evacuation routes, evacuation alarms, fire doors, lighting and that no items are stored in the common areas, etc.

Learn more

If you want to learn more about how to make your home safer, and the responsibility that tenants have, please visit Räddningstjänsten Syd (Rescue Services South) or Din säkerhet.

In case of a fire

Learn more about what to do in case of a fire HERE.

Latest update September 15, 2020