Residence limit

Active students at Lund University can stay with AF Bostäder for a maximum of 6 years. The accomodation time is affected by the residence limit.

In addition to the study and membership requirements, the duration of the period of residence is affected by the residence limit. This limit comes into effect after a combined total of six (6) years of residence, which implies that all residence periods with AF Bostäder are included, even if they were not consecutive. Periods of exemptions, sub-lettings, previous tenancies with AF Bostäder etc. will be included in the maximum residence period, which may never be longer than six (6) years.

The residence limit is definite and implies that the tenancy shall come to an end. Extensions are not granted. Notice of termination will be submitted by AF Bostäder no later than three (3) months before the residence limit comes into effect.

If you finish your active studies at Lund University before the resicence limit comes into force , you must immediately terminate your housing contract.

Latest update November 7, 2019