As a tenant of AF Bostäder, you can sublet your student housing to another student at Lund University.


  • Your exemption has been approved.
  • During the period of sub-letting, you must live outside commuting distance from your apartment, that is Skåne.
  • You will continue your studies at Lund University after the period of sub-letting.
  • The secondary tenant must be in our housing queue and fulfil the study- and membership requirements.  

Apply for subletting

Tenants with an approved exemption can apply for subletting via Your Pages/Applications and contracts. Apply at least 3 weeks in advance. 

Your responsibility

You who are the primary tenant is always responsible for both payment of rent and for the use of the housing. All conditions of agreement in the contract between you and AF Bostäder apply under the entire period of rental, even when you sublet your housing.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the secondary tenant moves out at the end of the sub-letting period, even if you do not immediately need your housing when the sub-letting period finishes.

If any alterations occur in the hire agreement between you and your secondary tenant, you must inform AF Bostäder's Service Centre before the alterations come into effect.

It is important that you agree with the secondary tenant about the home insurance coverage.

Inform your secondary tenant about the conditions of contract that apply. Practical advice can be found here.

Unauthorised subletting

Note that subletting always requires approval from AF Bostäder. A tenant who sublets his/her housing without authorisation will be unregistered from AF Bostäder's housing queue and barred from applying again. Unauthorised subletting can result in eviction.

A secondary tenant who sublets a housing without approval from AF Bostäder will be un-registered from the housing queue, but may make a new application.

Latest update March 25, 2019