Information for the secondary tenant

Welcome to AF Bostäder as a secondary tenant! Here you can find useful information about your accommodation.

Broadband connection

Broadband is included in the rent.  

Fault reporting

Faults in the apartment/housing area can be reported on Your pages. Do you want to get in touch with your caretaker? You can find name and telephone on Your pages. 

Book a laundry time

Log on to Your pages to book a laundry time. You can also use the electronic key tag to book a laundry time on the booking table near the laundry room. 


Apartments, corridors, corridor kitchens, and storage areas are cleaned by the tenant. Stairs and laundry areas are normally cleaned once a week by AF Bostäder. Please help us to keep things in order by leaving spaces in the condition you would like to find them.


Waste is sorted in the existing recycling containers. Keeping waste in corridors, stairwells, or balconies is not permitted. 

Don’t block fire escape route

In the event of fire or accident, everyone must be able to clear the building rapidly. Entries, stairwells, corridors, and basement corridors are all escape routes, and so the storage of prams, cycles, or other items in these areas is strictly prohibited.

Home insurance

It is important that you agree with the primary tenant about the home insurance coverage.

Latest update February 28, 2019