Most of our student housing have Com Hem's must carry range of TV channels. But, in our newer student housing areas, there are no traditional TV outlets.

Analogously starting range

The TV socket is connected to a cable TV network. The TV-service is what is known as "must carry", that is SVT’s channels, TV4 and the local channel in the analogue service. Note! On 8 September 2020, Com Hem switches from analogue broadcasts to fully digital. More information about the transition can be found at >>


All of the corridor kitchen (excluding Spolegatan 13) have digital boxes with Com Hem basic subscription TV Bas

TV6 and Axess TV

TV6 and Axess TV are available only in digital starting supply. Get a digital box for cable television that follow standard DVB-C. You do not need a card from Com Hem because the signal is unscrambled. You can buy a digital receiver where you buy a TV or on Blocket. Modern TVs often have this tuner built in, so check this first.

Enter the network number 41023 in the search of channels.

Some housing don't have any TV-socket

Please note that there are no traditional TV-sockets in some student housing areas (Bokompakt, Vegalyckan, Proto, Sagoeken, Marathon and Gylleholm). There, tenants can watch TV online via the broadband (1 Gbit/s).


If you have any questions about the TV-service, please contact Com Hem on +46 (0) 771 55 00 00 or

Latest update May 29, 2020