Have you got vermin in your room or apartment? No problem, we work with Anticimex on vermin control. Remember that it is your obligation as tenant to immediately report any vermin you may detect.

Report vermin

Contact Anticimex yourself and report any occurrence of vermin in your room/apartment or in the common corridor kitchen. 

  1. Call the Anticimex Customer Service on 0771-40 11 00 (opening time Monday-Thursday 07:30 - 18:00, Friday 07:30 - 16:00). 
  2. Tell them you live with Stiftelsen AF Bostäder. State your name and your complete address (street and room/apartment number , eg, Ulrikedalsvägen 8 A1113).
  3. Describe the vermin in an much detail as possible. On Anticimex home page there are clear pictures that can help you to identify the type of vermin, see link below.

Identification of vermin should be done if at all possible by telephone to customer services. If this is not possible, Anticimex will send out a representative to establish the type. Then, measures are taken according to Anticimex procedures.

Depending on the type of vermin, you yourself as tenant may need to take certain actions before the Anticimex technician arrives, such as clearing and cleaning out cabinets, or disposing of old food packaging.

Sanitization is free of charge for you as a tenant.

After decontamination

After decontamination, Anticimex will leave information about:

  • the vermin against which action has been taken
  • where treatment has taken place
  • what pesticide has been used
  • general information on what the tenant should remember after the decontamination.

Remember that keeping your room clean and tidy decreases the risk of vermin. Throw away old food packaging when it is finished with. Don’t leave rubbish in common areas, as it attracts rats and mice, but dispose of it properly in the places provided for the purpose.

More information

You can find more information about common vermin etc. on Anticimex webbpage.

Latest update January 3, 2020