Washing the right way is easy and eco-smart!

We offer laundry facilities for all those living with us, and in most of the laundry rooms you don’t even need to bring your own laundry detergent!

Laundry times are booked on Your Pages or on the booking board near the laundry room. 

Laundry rooms where laundry detergent is included

Most of our laundry rooms have washing machines with automatic laundry detergent dosing, which means that AF Bostäder provides the washing power. So, you don’t have to buy your own. The laundry detergent that is included, is the best from a environment, health and quality perspective.

On the machine you choose if it is a colour or white wash. The right dosage of laundry detergent is added automatically. This means that there is no risk of exceeding the right dose, which is good for the washing machine and the environment. The washing results are better and the laundry rooms are kept clean and tidy.

Washing with your own laundry detergent

In some of our smaller laundry rooms, you have to bring your own laundry detergent.

  • Tomegapsgården
  • Magistratsvägen 55 D, E and 57
  • Kämnärsvägen 10-34 (even numbers), 57-69 (odd numbers) and 71
  • Klosterängen 

Washing with super-clean water in a chemical-free process

In the laundry rooms at Ällingavägen 14 and 16, washing requires nothing but water! It may sound strange, but it’s true. And it works! Ordinary tap water is converted in the laundry rooms into special ultra-clean water that provides a clean (yes, the cleaning effect is tested and proven) and allergy-friendly washing process. It’s called deionized water and it makes the washing clean and soft, without using any laundry detergent or fabric conditioner. Since the water does not heat up, the washing time is shortened. A wash only takes about 15-20 minutes. Also, the textiles dry quicker because less water is bound to the clothes, resulting in less energy consumption. The laundry gets just as clean, we save energy and there will be zero emissions in lakes and seas!

When you take the wet washing out of the machine, it might smell like wet fabric. But, when the washing has dried it smells fresh again.

Would you like to know more? The supplier, Swatab, has provided answers to key FAQs at swatab.com/faq/.

8 tips for eco-friendly washing

  • Pre-treat heavy stains with bile soap, vinegar or some other type of stain-removing agent that is allergy and eco-friendly
  • If the item of clothing is not dirty, it may be sufficient to air it
  • Wash full loads in the machine. Avoid washing single items of clothing
  • Wash at a lower temperature and save energy
  • Use the right dose. Lund has soft water, so you can always choose the minimum amount of laundry detergent stated in the washing instructions on the packaging.
  • Use eco-labelled laundry detergent
  • Avoid fabric conditioner
  • Air dry your laundry, if possible

Why does the same wash program take different lengths of time?

Today’s modern washing machines estimate an average time for the three latest similar washes, which means that wash times may differ from one time to another. The factors affecting the wash time include how cold the water is when it enters the machine – the colder it is, the longer it takes for the water to heat up to the selected temperature. 

Latest update March 4, 2019