Textiles (clothing)

All clothes and textiles (in good or poor condition). For example. bedding, towels, household textiles, shoes, hats, blankets, handbags, belts and accessories.

No thanks to carpets, umbrella, pillows and suitcases. Put your textiles in a small/normal sized sealed bag before leaving them in the clothing container. Larger bags will get stuck and destroy the function of the clothing container. 

Find a clothing container nearby

The clothing containers are placed in different locations on our housing areas, depending on how the waste solutions are planned.

  • Bokompakt - Located in waste station No. 3 at Kämnärsrätten
  • Dammhagen - In the waste station at Parentesen
  • Delphi - Located in the bulky waste station between Magistratsvägen 57 E and 55 F
  • Gylleholm - In the waste station at Parentesen
  • Klosterängen - Located next to the waste station at Klosterängen
  • Kämnärsrätten - Located in waste station No. 1, 2 and 3 at Kämnärsrätten
  • Magasinet - Have no clothing containers due to fire hazard
  • Parentesen - Located in the waste station
  • Sparta - Located in the waste station 
  • Studentlyckan - Located next to the bulky waste station
  • Tomegapsgården - Located next to the waste station
  • UlrikedalLocated in the waste station 
  • Vegalyckan - Have none yet. We refer the residents to the clothing container in the waste station at Studentlyckan
  • Vildanden - Located in the waste station at Ällingavägen

We cooperate with Human Bridge

Clothes have a negative impact on the environment when they are produced, used and discarded. Consumption of textiles account for 2-3% of Swedish emissions of greenhouse gases. Extend the life of your clothes and think before you consume. By leaving your old clothes in one of the Human Bridges clothing containers, you make it possible for the clothes to be reused. The collected textiles are reused in aid shipments and the surplus from the sale of textiles finance other development projects. By recycling your clothes, you make a difference for the environment and for the people who will take part of Human Bridges aid projects. Read more about  Human Bridge  

Latest update May 21, 2019