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Three questions for Mats Olsson – our new Property Manager!

February 2, 2023

In November 2022, Mats Olsson became the new Property Manager at AF Bostäder. Mats has almost 15 years of experience in sustainable property management here at AF Bostäder, and has full control of what is needed to take care of properties, housing and outdoor environments so that the tenants feel comfortable. We let Mats answer a few quick questions.

Hello, what do you look forward to most in your new job?

I have previously worked as an area manager at AF Bostäder's various student housing areas and gained insight into everything that needs to be done for the properties to be in good condition, last a long time and be pleasant. Now it will be inspiring to be able to lead the work on the long-term strategies for all our 6,000 student housing, and together with my colleagues to renew and improve both our knowledge and the entire property management process.

What challenges await in property management?

I will focus on further developing and securing the quality of our routines, so that the students who live with us receive the same professional service regardless of which student housing area they live in. Living with AF Bostäder should be experienced in the same way and equally positively everywhere. This is long-term work that will begin in 2023.

It's nice that AF Bostäder's caretakers always get good reviews, why is that?

It's all about relationships! The caretakers are not only responsible for making sure everything works and is clean and tidy in the student housing areas. They also have a social responsibility and become a security for the students who are living away from home for the first time. The caretakers meet the students daily in our housing areas and keep track of how they are doing. In addition, they manage a large part of the dialogue with the customers, including regular meetings with the corridor contacts. There, they can highlight everything that is important, and get tips on things that can be improved.