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PCB Remediation in AF Bostäder Properties

Between 1956 and 1973, sealants containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) were used in the construction and renovation of properties. PCB, an industrial chemical employed in sealants and floor compounds, has been regulated since 2007 by law, obligating property owners to inventory and remediate PCB if present in their properties.

What is PCB?

PCB is a chemical developed in the 1920s and used as a plastic and sealant softener. Despite its initial popularity for fire resistance and improved sealant elasticity, the use of PCB in new products was prohibited in 1978. In 1995, all products containing PCB were banned due to health risks. The PCB Regulation, introduced in 2007, mandates property owners to conduct a comprehensive inventory. AF Bostäder has inventoried all properties constructed in the 60s and 70s, with remediation taking place during renovation projects.


PCB remediation involves an authorized contractor removing the PCB-laden sealant and portions of the sealant edges. The contractor is equipped with protective gear to avoid prolonged exposure. Remediation may result in noise.


For any questions regarding PCB remediation, please contact Peter Molin at or +46 (0) 46 19 15 41.

Latest update October 12, 2023