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As an AF Bostäder tenant, you have an opportunity to sub-let your accommodation to another Lund student.

To sub-let your accommodation, you must always have AF Bostäder’s permission. You also need to have a valid reason for sub-letting:

  • Temporary work outside Skåne
  • Higher education studies outside Skåne
  • Extended stay abroad
  • Compulsory military service outside Skåne

Permission is normally granted for between four and six months, and longer in some cases. The rental is to be for the whole period and be to an active student on AF Bostäder’s housing list. You must also fulfil the study and membership requirements before and after the rental period. If you do not fulfil the study and membership requirements during the sub-let period, you first need to apply for an exemption for the rental period.

Renting out without permission from AF Bostäder, for an excessively high rent or for a few days or weeks is not permitted, and in some cases is a punishable offence. There is a considerable risk that you will lose both your accommodation and queue time. It is therefore important that you familiarise yourself with the complete rules before you sub-let your accommodation.


Latest update January 25, 2021