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Follow our policy: Go to the carnival!

As the students’ own housing company, AF Bostäder has a considerable responsibility to prudently manage its funds. In general, the company is restrained concerning sponsorship, but sees a great value in supporting the activities in student life and the Lund Carnival in particular. The sense of community in Lund’s student life is unique in Sweden, and the investments help to strengthen Lund as a university city.

AF Bostäder has a long tradition of supporting various events and activities that are meaningful for Lund’s students. For example, the company contributes annually to the Akademiska Föreningen’s activity and investment fund, to which the societies in student life can apply for grants. The Akademiska Föreningen decides on how the money is to be allocated. AF Bostäder has also sponsored the Lund Carnival since 2014, probably the ultimate fun event in Swedish student life.

“Studying at Lund University involves so much more than studies,” says Henrik Krantz, CEO of AF Bostäder. “Those who apply here are of course aiming for one of the world’s best universities, but equally important in the choice of where to study is the sense of student community – and in Lund it is unique.”

Student life in Lund is organised around the student unions, student nations and AF Family – a trinity that together forms Studentlund. The student unions are connected to the departments, but the primary task is to monitor the quality of education. The student nations offer accommodation and run social activities alongside studies. The AF Family consists of the Akademiska Föreningen (Academic Society), which offers an extensive range of cultural activities, AF Borgen – the students’ own building – which, in the best location in the middle of Lundagård, houses the Akademiska Föreningen’s activities as well as a café, restaurant, venues, parties and much more, and, of course, AF Bostäder, which is the students’ own housing company, with a long and close relationship with Lund’s students.

“Through Studentlund, the students get access to the whole of Lund’s student life – entertainment, meeting places and accommodation – all in a single membership,” says Henrik Krantz. “When you study in Lund, you become part of a rich social life filled with activities, cultural events, traditions and antics with unlimited creativity. It’s easy to find friends for life and have fun during your time here. No other student area in Sweden can match such an offering.”

The Lund Carnival has been a key part of student life since 1894. The carnival is organised by Lund University Student Unions (LUS) through the carnival body and carnival committee. According to the LUS statutes, the carnival is to be run every four years, and, in the spirit of Lund and carnival, is to involve students and the general public in Lund. The organisation is to be voluntary and non-commercial.

“When the work duties are to be allocated, a long queue of volunteers forms, often days before, outside AF Borgen,” says Henrik Krantz. “In 2022, nearly 7 500 carnival workers took part and organised, created, built, served and entertained. Everyone is taking part for the first time but succeeds even so in creating entertainment of the highest quality. The environment is creative, inspiring, open and welcoming, and has always acted as an incubator for Lund humourists. The theme for the year was the Catastrophic Carnival, as a celebration of misunderstandings, faux pas and blunders.”

“A Lund Carnival attracts about 400 000 visitors over three days and when it’s time for the carnival procession, 200 000 people gather in central Lund. Both the social value and the marketing value are unbeatable. As the students’ own housing company, it is self-evident that we will support Sweden’s best student life and Sweden’s best student carnival. We are now counting down to 13.00 on 22 May 2026, when it all kicks off again. We hope to see you there,” says Henrik Krantz.

Latest update June 9, 2023
Henrik Krantz
Henrik Krantz
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For the students' best

Stronger procedures in place when students’ feel bad

Over half of Sweden’s students are affected by some kind of mental health problem. For this reason, AF Bostäder works actively on social sustainability issues with initiatives such as the Help information project. For increased security, the company has now produced detailed flow charts for occasions when a student feels bad.

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For the students' best

Students involved in new strategy for social media

AF Bostäder has launched a new communication strategy for channels such as Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn. Students have given their input and contribute to the content.

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For the students' best

Study in Lund and a bright future awaits

Lund University is one of the world’s most distinguished higher education institutions. In Lund’s historical surroundings there is world-leading education and research, the best possible student life and the opportunity to obtain affordable, pleasant and long-term sustainable housing with almost no waiting time. Welcome to Lund University, Studentlund and AF Bostäder – here, a bright future awaits.

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For the students' best

With the student’s best interests in mind

A win in the customer survey Nöjd Studbo Live 2023, a nomination for Star of the Year and the best grade in Sweden regarding fault reports. AF Bostäder continues its tradition of garnering good reviews, due to goal-driven management, action plans, frequent communication with the students and an organisation in which everyone has the customers’ best interests in mind.

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For the students' best

Hiking excursion in beautiful countryside

AF Bostäder’s initiatives for health, wellbeing and a sense of community include elements such as sports events and social activities. This year we introduced a hiking excursion – a tradition in the making.

Four students play garden Yatzy in the courtyard of Sparta
For the students' best

Activity boxes increase the fun factor

Getting to know your neighbours and meeting new friends is crucial for students’ enjoyment and wellbeing. AF Bostäder is providing inspiration with new activity boxes.

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For the students' best

New IT functions enable better customer service

Thanks to two new IT functions, it has become easier to book pre-move-out inspections and simpler to see how many apartments and rooms are available for new students at the start of semesters.

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For the students' best

Ready, steady, exercise!

It is well-known that we feel better in mind and body when we exercise. That is why in recent years, AF Bostäder has invited its tenants to take part in activities such as fun runs and league games in various sports, in cooperation with LUGI Motion. The interest from students is considerable and the atmosphere is great. Exercising is not only beneficial, but also very enjoyable.

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For the students' best

Fewer customers affected by consequences of debt collection

Customers with several debt collection demands regarding rent may, among other things, lose their queue time. AF Bostäder has therefore launched a new service that has reduced the number of consequences resulting from debt collection cases.

For the students' best

New locks provide feeling of security at home

Everyone living at AF Bostäder is to feel secure in their home. That is why the company continuously maintains everything from outdoor environments, lighting and stairwells – to locks for housing.

Two students talkning in a corridor  kitchen
For the students' best

New study on housing environment and mental health

Mental health problems are becoming more common and students are a particularly vulnerable group. Therefore, AF Bostäder wants to find out more about how student housing can affect health, and whether students can feel better depending on how they choose to live. The company has allowed two students on the psychology programme to examine the links between housing environment and mental health.

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For the students' best

New customer survey enables a better dialogue and faster measures

AF Bostäder’s vision is to be Sweden’s best student housing company. The organisation has a strong customer focus, and customer surveys, with questions covering areas such as housing, security and sustainability, form the basis for continuous initiatives regarding housing quality.

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For the students' best

Despite cost increases, new rents are in line with previous years

Preparations for the year’s rent negotiations were characterised by considerable uncertainty due to the economic climate. Although AF Bostäder has been affected by costs that are no longer in relation to revenue, the company has been able to ensure that rents rose by only 2% from 1 January 2023 (1.9% 2022).

One of AF Bostäder's small electric cars are driving by on a small road surrounded by trees and grass.
For the students' best

Caretakers focus on wellbeing and security

AF Bostäder’s caretakers have a broad job description with responsibility for everything from ongoing maintenance, repairs and inspections to taking care of outdoor environments. But the most enjoyable – and most important – is the social responsibility. Caretakers at AF Bostäder are to promote social sustainability, help the students settle in and contribute to wellbeing and security in the housing area.

A postman leaving a brown package in one of the slots in a postbox.
For the students' best

Outdoor gym and parcel drop boxes broaden range of services

AF Bostäder constantly looks for solutions to improve the housing experience and the range of services for tenants. Through cooperation with various partners, the company can find good ideas for services that suit the students. It is a customer group with certain specific conditions and interests – they work from home and rarely use a car.

For the students' best

Wishlist became fine outdoor environment

When the outdoor environment at Ulrikedal was to be revamped, the students were invited to express their wishes – with fantastic results! Ulrikedal has become a verdant place for games, sport and socialising.

For the students' best

Continued initiatives for mental health

An increasing number of students are affected by mental health problems. AF Bostäder has run the Help information project since 2019 to help more people get the right support. The initiatives continued in 2021 with education, lectures and film production, as well as preventive leisure activities, which have rapidly become popular.

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For the students' best

Sponsorship with an emphasis on student life

As the students’ own housing company, AF Bostäder has a great responsibility to carefully manage the foundation’s funds. In general, the company is restrained regarding sponsorship, but contributes every year to events and activities that are significant for student life.