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House rules

Everyone is entitled to a calm atmosphere, well-being, and good study conditions at their housing. By following these rules you contribute to the well-being of both neighbors and staff.

  • Smoking is not allowed indoors. Please avoid smoking outside entrances and windows.
  • Barbecuing on balconies or close to buildings is forbidden for safety reasons. Use the barbecue areas in your student housing area instead.
  • Pets are not permitted in corridor accommodation.
  • Keep the noise down to a subdued and agreeable level - especially between 22:00 - 07:00. Bear in mind that if you are the cause of a reported disturbance during the evening or night, you may be charged for the cost of the out-of-hours call-out. 
  • Serious disturbance may result in the removal of queue time. In cases of particularly severe disturbances, there is a risk of termination of the contract.
  • Talk to your neighbors before you have a party. Remember - you are responsible for your guests!
  • It is not allowed to share a corridor room with friends or partners.
  • Help ambulance crews, emergency services, and cleaning staff - keep entrances, stairwells, corridors, and balconies free from furniture, refuse, and other clutter.
  • Make a fault report if something does not work as it should, and the caretaker will help you.

Contact your caretaker if you have any questions about orderliness or well-being.

Latest update October 12, 2023