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The rent

A substantial part of your student finance is spent on your housing costs. We do our best to ensure that student housing rents will continue to be among the lowest in Sweden. Remember to always pay your rent on time – otherwise you risk losing your queue time, contract and the the chance of getting an exemption from the housing list and rental conditions.

This is how the rent is set 

The rent for each student housing is determined by a rent model that has been developed for AF Bostäder. The model is based primarily on the Lund students' general values of their accommodation. As the values change over time, the model is updated regularly. In 2019 the latest rent model was launched, with rental adjustments as a result. Most of the adjustments begin to apply when contracts are signed with new tenants. Existing tenants retain the old rent, new tenants receive the new rent. Before all student housing have new tenants, equivalent student housing can have different rent.

Pay your rent on time

The Tenancy Act states that the tenant is to pay their rent in advance, at the latest by the last weekday of the preceding month. We do not send out payment reminders to those who have not paid their rent on time. Instead, a debt collection demand will be sent by our partner, Profina. The cost for this – SEK 180 plus interest – is charged to the tenant. If the rent remains unpaid, we must then seek assistance from the Swedish Enforcement Authority and inform the relevant social authorities. The tenant will incur further charges for the work of the Swedish Enforcement Authority. These charges, like the cost of the debt collection charge, are regulated by law.

Unpaid rent or repeated delays will result in the termination of the contract. If you have a queue time in our housing queue and are late with the rent more than once, you will lose your queue time and not be able to register in the housing queue again. You also loose the possibility of getting an exemption from the study- and membership requirements. 

There may be a delay of one working day before the payment is registered on our website. The fastest way to check whether the rent has been paid or not is to check via your internet bank.

If you know in advance that paying your rent on time for a particular month will be a problem, you should contact us in good time and apply for a deferment of the rent. This is done by sending an email to You are allowed a maximum of two deferred rent payments per year, provided that there have been no delays in your rent payments in the past year. A deferment may be granted for up to two weeks. The charge for a deferment – SEK 90 –will be added to your next rent.

Rent notification

Rent notifications are sent via email – no printed payment notification slips are sent out. Current payment information (e.g. amount) is accessible around one week before the end of the month on Your Pages.

Direct Debit (autogiro)

Direct debit is a secure and convenient way to pay the rent. You don’t have to type in long reference numbers and can be sure that the rent is paid on time.

You sign up for autogiro via your bank. When registering, you are asked to state, among other things, a “payer number”. This is your customer number. You can find you customer number on Your Pages and in the rent notification message. Once you have registered to pay via autogiro, it may take up to one month before the direct debit comes into effect. The direct debit is shown to be in effect when the rent notification states that your rent is paid via autogiro. Until then, you must pay your rent in the usual way.

The money is debited from your account on the last weekday of the month. The amount is reserved from your account the day before. There must be sufficient funds in the account when the amount is to be reserved. If funds are insufficient, there will be no debit via autogiro and the rent will not be paid. Rent will only be debited for the months you are liable to pay for according to your contract (9 or 12 months).

If you move to other housing within AF Bostäder, the autogiro follows automatically and you are not required to take any action.

E-invoices (e-giro)

If you pay the rent via an e-invoice (also known as e-giro) there is no need to type in a lot of information. The rental notice is sent as an e-invoice to your internet bank. When you are to pay the rent, you open your e-invoice on the bank’s website. All the necessary information is already filled in: payment recipient, payer, giro number, amount, payment date, OCR number etc. All you need to do is confirm the payment. This is how you get started (the procedure may vary slightly between banks):

  1. Log in to your internet bank.
  2. Click on register for e-invoice
  3. Select AF Bostäder from the list and register. State optional OCR number for your housing.

Please note: you are only registered and you cannot pay at the same time as you register. Your e-invoice will not appear until the next time the rent is due to be paid.

Paying from a foreign bank

To pay from a foreign bank, you need the following information:

  • Iban-nr: SE7750000000056241008706
  • Bic-kod: ESSESESS
  • Account 5624 10 087 06
  • Beneficiary: Stiftelsen AF Bostäder
  • Address: Box 799, 220 07 Lund Sweden
  • Bank: SEB
  • Address: SE-banken, Box 97, S-22100 Lund Sweden

It is important that you enter your customer number or OCR-number when making your payment. After about a week you should be able to see the payment on Your pages.

Rent adjustments

AF Bostäder has an agreement with the Swedish Union of Tenants in Southern Sweden regarding negotiations on matters concerning rents, rental terms and housing conditions. Rental negotiations usually take place once a year (at the turn of the year) and your rent is adjusted accordingly.

Paper rental notice

Do you need to print out a rental notice e.g. for an application for housing allowance? Tenants can print out the rental notice via Your pages.

Payment period 

The payment period varies between 9 and 12 months, i.e. for how many months of the year you are liable to pay rent. For apartments, the payment period is 12 months while the payment period for corridor rooms is 9 months. 

9-month rent means that during the summer months (June, July and August) no rent is debited. Students who live in a corridor room only pay rent from September - May, even though the room is occupied for the full year. Exception! If the tenancy begins during the summer, rent has to be paid for the move-in month.

Rent payment reference

As a tenant, you can print your contract and an account statement, which shows how you have managed your rent payments, before you move out. Most landlords specifically request this. As we must erase your data when you move, we will be unable to help you after that. Find your contract and account statement here.

Latest update October 20, 2020