Housing applicant students with disabilities can apply for priority to a student housing.

The application for priority is made in writing to the Housing Board (Bostadsnämnden). Authenticate the priority reasons with certificates that prove the existence of grounds that make priority a necessary prerequisite for the pursuit of active studies at Lund University.

The application must contain the following documents:

  • Medical certificate
  • Study certificate from Lund University for the entire queue time/residence time.
  • Registration certificate from Lund University for all semesters.

Submit the application with the certificate to: AF Bostäder, Bostadsnämnden, Box 799, 220 07 Lund.

Housing adaptation

If you have a disability that will require you to adapt the housing to be able to stay there, you may be entitled to a housing adjustment allowance from Lund Municipality. The application for housing adaptation is made to the Municipality of Lund, who examines the possibility of obtaining housing adjustment contributions. You must have tried to find an accommodation that is as suitable as possible. More information and application at

Latest update January 3, 2020