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Transfer of student housing

Tenants may in certain cases be permitted to transfer their contract to someone who they have lived with for an extended period. The conditions are described in detail below.

Each application for a transfer is assessed individually according to the circumstances of the specific case. The following basic requirements must always be fulfilled:

  • The tenant and lodger must have physically lived together at the tenancy address continuously for the past 18 months.
  • Both must have been recorded in the population registry (folkbokförda) at the tenancy address during the same period.
  • The tenant must have fulfilled AF Bostäder’s Housing List and Rental Conditions and fulfilled the obligations in accordance with the contract.
  • The lodgher must fulfil AF Bostäder’s study and membership requirements.
  • The lodger must have credit checks without remarks.

In conjunction with the transfer, the lodger loses its queue time. The rent is always adjusted to the current target rent for the accommodation.

If electricity is not included in the rent, both the electricity grid contract and the electricity supply contract are terminated automatically when the contract ends. The grid contract (with the electricity network operator Kraftringen) is automatically transferred to the new tenant, who must choose an electricity supplier in Sweden.


Latest update May 22, 2024