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Study requirement

In order to apply for housing or be a tenant in our accommodation, you must pursue active studies at Lund University. The study requirement in the Housing List and Rental Conditions explains what this involves.

The study requirement must be fulfilled for every semester during which you are a housing applicant or tenant. The requirement is described in detail in § 7 of the Housing List and Rental Conditions. Regular study controls are carried out by AF Bostäder and you therefore need to be prepared to show that the requirement is fulfilled. If the requirement is not fulfilled, the right to both an existing place on the housing list and housing is lost.

The study requirement is fulfilled in one of the following ways

  • Students must be admitted and achieve a study result of at least 15 credits every semester without interruption. Credits awarded are to be registered in Ladok at Lund University. The date of the registration in Ladok determines the semester for which the credits are counted.
  • Doctoral students must attain an activity level of at least 50% every semester according to Ladok at Lund University.
  • Elected officers within Studentlund must have at least one approved renumerated half-time elected office. The Academic Society (Akademiska Föreningen) decides which elected offices are permitted.

Semester definition

Spring semester: 1 February - 31 August
Autumn Semester: 1 September - 31 January



Latest update September 14, 2023