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Magasinet, Spolegatan 15 - The start of our construction boom

In an attractive location in the center of Lund, AF Bostäder doubled the number of student housing, when another house was built on Magasinet in 2012. The new house offers a completely new type of accommodation - Apartments for friends.

Facts about Magasinet student housing, Spolegatan 15

  • Developer: AF Bostäder
  • Residential area (BOA): 3 297 m2
  • Number of apartments: 77
  • Number of tenants: 172
  • Apartment types: 35 two room apartments for friends, 25 two room apartments for couples, 16 three room apartments for friends and 1 four room apartment for friends
  • Construction start: September 2010
  • Move-in: January 2012
  • Overall contractor: NCC
  • Architect: Torudd Arkitekter
  • Address: Spolegatan 15

About the Project

The apartments are adapted for a new and growing group - study friends. The relationship with the traditional corridor housing is clear. The bedrooms of the apartments are in focus and have been developed to cope with night sleep as well as studies and visits. The bedrooms, which in the individual apartment are usually equal, measure about 10 sqm. The common features for entrance, kitchen and bath have been gathered in a limited but effective area of ​​the apartment.

The result is shared apartments for mostly two but sometimes also for three or four friends. Common to all apartments at Magasinet, Spolegatan 15, is that only one in each apartment is a tenant and that the others are residents.

In total, Magasinet Spolegatan 15 offers no less than eleven apartment variations. The 13 two-bedroom apartments with sleeping loft under the slope at level seven, they may offer the most exciting floor plans.

In the other rooms there are communal balconies, apartment facilities and laundry facilities. On the ground floor there is also a large interior bicycle parking with a personal bicycle rack for each accommodation in the house. Between the house bodies, a pleasant outdoor environment is provided with the obligatory barbecue area in the student context.

Latest update August 20, 2020