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Late payment of rent

It is important to pay the rent on time. Repeated late payments can have major consequences.

We do not send out payment reminders to those who have not paid their rent on time. Instead, a debt collection demand (inkasso) will be sent by our partner, Profina. The cost for this – SEK 180 plus interest – is charged to the tenant. If the rent remains unpaid, we must then seek assistance from the Swedish Enforcement Authority and inform the relevant social authorities. The tenant will incur further charges for the work of the Swedish Enforcement Authority. These charges, like the cost of the debt collection charge, are regulated by law

Unpaid rent or repeated late payments will result in the termination of the contract. If you are in our housing queue and are late with the rent more than once, you will lose your queue time and not be able to register for the housing queue again. Late payments and demands mean that you cannot apply for an exemption from the study and membership requirements.

Questions regarding debt collection demands

If you have any questions regarding debt collection demands, contact the debt collection company, Profina, directly.
Telephone number: +46 (0) 8 600 54 00

Latest update March 5, 2024