As a new student in Lund, there is much to think about. But, keep calm - we will help you with anything that is related to your student home!

Moving-in day

Moving in is on the first weekday of the month from 14.00 till 16.00. You collect the keys on Service center (Sparta). If the 1st is on a Saturday, Sunday or National holiday, the keys can be obtained from the next following weekday. If it is possible to move in earlier, Service Centre will inform you via e-mail.


When you move into your new apartment, we will have just finished a moving-out inspection. This to ensure good conditions in your housing. The inspection report can be found on Your pages. We will send you a message when the inspection is finished and the inspection report is available online. We ask you to thoroughly go through the inspection report. If you find any errors or deficiencies in the cleaning or other comments that are not noted, please contact your caretaker immediately. 

Your rent

On Your pages you can find all information regarding your rent, the rent will be published online about 1 week before your move-in date. You won’t receive any old fashioned paper rental form from us.

Power of attorney

If you want someone else to pick up your keys for you, a power of attorney must be handed to Service center. The representative must show an ID when collecting the keys.


In our student housing up to 1 Gbit/s is included in the rent. Put your cable into the network socket (use the left or upper). Completed! Read more here.

Electricity -100% renewable 

Your contract state whether electricity is included in your rent or not. If your contract says ”electricity is charged by AF Bostäder” this means that electricity is included. Then you do not have to get your own electricity subscription. As a tenant of AF Bostäder you will then have access to renewable and fossil-free electricity. It is a choice we make to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce AF Bostäder's organic footprint.

If electricity isn’t included in your rent you must get your own electricity subscription before you move in. Our partner Kraftringen has a special student offer on electricity.


You can book a laundry time on our website from the contract day. If you move in earlier you can always use your key tag to book a laundry time on the booking board near your laundry room.

Why does the same laundry program take different times? Find out the answer and how you wash environmentally friendly here

For how long can I wash my clothes? When can I pick up laundry I forgot in the laundry room? You can find the laundry information on our website from the contract day. 

Sort waste - make an effort for the environment

You can sort everything (except for hazardous waste) in your housing area. Find your nearest waste and bulky waste station on the housing area map. Please see our waste sorting movies on how to sort plastic, food waste, clothes, furniture etc.

Cable TV

The TV socket is connected to a cable TV network. If you want to expand the service or report a fault on the cable TV network, contact comhem on tel 0771-55 00 00, or visit www.comhem.se. It is not permitted to set up external antennas.

Home insurance 

Remember to get your own home insurance, your parents’ is not valid. A home insurance is a kind of basic insurance package that can compensate for your things if they are stolen or damaged in a fire or water damage. In addition, home insurance includes travel protection, legal protection, cover protection etc.

As a tenant you are responsible for what happens in your home. Without home insurance you are completely unprotected, and the costs can be very high for you if something happens to your home or your belongings. Don't wait, contact an insurance company today. Many insurance companies offer student discounts.

Address and housing subsidy

When you move, you must notify the Swedish Tax Agency to get the correct address in the Population register. Make your notification in advance or at the latest one week after the move. The Swedish Tax Agency distributes your new address to many authorities and companies. If you want to forward your mail from the old to the new address, you can order this service at ”Svensk adressändring” for a fee. You also need to have the correct address if you need to apply for a housing subsidy

Moving truck loading and unloading

For better well-being and residential environment, vehicle traffic is not permitted in our housing areas. When moving in, temporary active loading and unloading is permitted. You must not leave your vehicle unattended for more than 10 minutes. Keep in mind that you should never park on a fire escape route.

Parking space

Adjacent to our housing areas there are parking spaces. You can find more info about parking here>>.

Rent a storage

If your new apartment has no storage, we can offer many different storage solutions via a separate contract. The queue time for these varies according to their size and the time of the year. Our prices are amongst the lowest in Lund. You can find available storages online on Available housing - Available stores

Private installations

Machines in kitchens and bathrooms shall be connected using an earthed plug inserted in an earthed socket. If you acquire your own washing machine or dishwasher you may need a permanent connection to the cold water supply and this must be done by a qualified installer. Note that you are responsible for any leakages. Additional furnishings such as shower curtains, mirrored walls, fitted carpets and machines are not normally included as standard. Such furnishings and equipment are not maintained or replaced by AF Bostäder. If you install or take over such equipment and the next tenant does not wish to take it over, you are responsible for removing such equipment and restoring the accommodation to its original condition.

NOTE! Some of the venetian blinds are the property of AF Bostäder. See the exception for blinds in your tenancy agreement.


You are more than welcome to buy second-hand furniture, but remember to inspect the furniture carefully first. Bedbugs are a harmless but unpleasant pests that you do not want to welcome into your home. Read more here.

Moving-in questionnaire

A few weeks after you move in, you will receive a moving-in questionnaire via e-mail from us. We are thankful if you take the time to answer it, since it helps us to develop our services and be even better.


Latest update March 19, 2019