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Sweden's most satisfied customers

AF Bostäder is southern Sweden's largest student housing company with approximately 6,000 student housing units distributed over 20 housing areas in Lund. Our task is to offer the students in Lund affordable and suitable housing, in an environment where they can feel good and perform in their studies.

There is a shortage of student housing in the Swedish housing market. Therefore, our goal is to build new housing for 1,000 students by 2024 (base year 2020). As a community builder, we will also contribute to the development of the city of Lund, strengthen Lund as a university city, and help as many students as possible study at Lund University.

Our vision is to be the best student housing company in Sweden. In order to succeed, we have three main focuses: we will develop our property portfolio, we will develop the relationship with the students and we will develop our sustainability work.

Our business is firmly built upon the popular student life in Lund. The student life in Lund is organized around the AF Family which consists of AF Bostäder, The Academic Society (AF), and The AF building which is a part of Studentlund. Studentlund is a cooperation between the student unions, nations, and The Academic Society in Lund.

Latest update March 5, 2024