Sustainability within AF Bostäder concerns understanding the housing company’s role in society and acting responsibility using a long-term approach. If you want to know more about what we do (and don’t do), you can read about AF Bostäder’s sustainability work in our Sustainability Report, in which we describe how we address, measure and follow-up the most important sustainability issues.

The Sustainability Report is a tool that helps us to work systematically and purposefully on sustainability in all parts of our operations. We also want to open up transparent communication about our challenges and our work in order to reduce the negative impact of our operations. By developing and managing student housing with consideration for social, environmental and economic sustainability aspects, AF Bostäder strives to promote sustainable development.

Download AF Bostäder’s Sustainability Report 2018 

(The sustainability report is only available in Swedish in full version, but many of the articles are available in English on our website #Bigplans)

In the Sustainability Report, we focus on what is most important. The content therefore reflects the sustainability aspects of our operations that have the greatest impact on people and the environment. We also describe how the most important sustainability aspects have been prioritised in cooperation with our customers and other stakeholders.

GRI Appendix

The Sustainability Report is drawn up in accordance with Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) guidelines Standards at Core level. GRI Standards is a global framework for sustainability reporting. If you want to find out all the exciting details, you can read the associated GRI Supplement, which contains the GRI index and information on management approach.

Download AF Bostäder’s GRI Appendix 2018 (in Swedish) 

Contact person

If you have any questions or ideas about sustainability, please contact:
Klara Svensson, Sustainability Coordinator

Latest update June 24, 2019