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Residence representative

The residence representative (bostadsombudsmannen), shortened "Bomb", is a student who works full time as a student elected representative at AF Bostäder. The bomb is appointed on a yearly basis by the board of the Academic Association (AF), and have a place in AF Bostäder’s Board. The Bomb is responsible for the students' interest in housing issues.

My name is Alva Carmesund and I am AF Bostäder's residence representative (Bomb) during autumn 2023 and spring 2024. Among other things, I am responsible for keeping all channels open for tenant influence.

One of the advantages of living with AF Bostäder is that as a tenant, you have great opportunities to influence your own accommodation. Over the years, we have received many great suggestions regarding sustainability and renovations, as well as practical things like bicycle racks. Therefore, please feel free to provide improvement suggestions that AF Bostäder can use in their efforts to develop housing and properties.

You can reach me at See ya!

Latest update July 3, 2023