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An illustration of Troja

New vistas await when Kämnärsrätten is completed

With the building of Troja – AF Bostäder’s biggest construction start since the 1960s and the last quarter in the expansion along Kämnärsvägen – one of Sweden's most significant investments in sustainable student housing will reach the finishing line. In parallel, planning is underway for continued expansion, in careful balance with the housing needs of Lund students.

“Troja means that we are approaching the highly anticipated finale of our densification of the area at Kämnärsvägen,” says Martin Jacobsson, Property Development Manager at AF Bostäder. “The Proto, Sagoeken, Hippocampus and Pireus quarters are already full of student life and Rhodos is almost ready for students to move in. A dynamic and social city district has grown up, pleasantly connected by Campuskilen, which offers pedestrian and cycle paths and green spaces for socialising.”

“The area is one of Sweden’s biggest investments in sustainable student housing and it is characterised by all our visions for sustainability, from climate impact calculations, more efficient energy usage, sound materials and biodiversity to a living environment that supports studies, enjoyment and wellbeing,” says Martin Jacobsson. “The expansion has meant the divestment and acquisition of properties as well as demolition and new construction. When Troja has been completed, we will have created 1 200 new apartments and rooms and increased our total by 500. We have modernised and enhanced our range, reduced our maintenance costs and strengthened our financial solidity.”

Troja will consist of two courtyards framed by seven 3-6 storey buildings with a combined living area of 12 000 m2. In total, the quarter will offer 312 apartments for up to 500 students, divided between one-bedroom units and multiple-bedroom units for 2-3 friends. Many students will have their own balconies, the larger apartments will be equipped with dishwashers and the quarter will also have a bicycle repair room. Construction is scheduled to start in 2024 with completion expected in 2026.

“Troja will be our greenest and most natural area to date,” says Martin Jacobsson. “We minimise the amount of paved surfaces and focus on wild meadow areas, gravel paths, wooden walkways and barbecue places with wood decking, all with an aim to promote animal and insect life and better management of rainwater. A large number of Kämnärsrätten’s mature trees and bushes will be retained. Energy consumption will be 80% of the new construction requirements and due to factors such as optimised, cast-in-place concrete, the CO2 emissions for construction are under 155 kilos carbon dioxide equivalents per gross floor area. It will be a worthy finale for an area that will become a positive and forward-looking part of Lund’s student life for many years to come.”

Supply and demand regarding student housing in Lund is currently well balanced. AF Bostäder can meet most of its customers’ housing needs, and in general newly registered students obtain their own accommodation within a few months. At the same time, it is important to have a long-term perspective and plan to meet demand for several years ahead. A large part of the new construction in Lund in recent years is not devoted to students and will gradually disappear from the student market.

“At the moment we are involved in, among other things, a new zoning plan for Ulrikedal, where we aim to construct a new apartment block for around 100 students,” says Martin Jacobsson. “The plan is to develop a piece of land north of Ulrikedal into a 12-storey building with around 60 apartments. If everything goes to plan, it will be AF Bostäder’s tallest building to date.”

“Looking ahead, the big challenge is to find building rights in places that match the students’ needs. We maintain a continuous dialogue with the university, student organisations, the City of Lund and private housing companies, so that we can continue our expansion and contribute to a sustainable, stable and balanced student housing market in Lund,” says Martin Jacobsson.

Latest update June 24, 2024
Martin Jacobsson
Martin Jacobsson
Property Development Manager
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Long-term and responsible actor

New sustainability network

Those responsible for sustainability management are constantly facing new challenges. A network initiated by AF Bostäder will give student housing companies the opportunity to share knowledge and inspiration with each other.

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Long-term and responsible actor

Secure sub-letting

AF Bostäder rents out affordable housing in attractive locations to students at Lund University. The queue and rental terms, which include admission and study rate requirements, are to ensure that renting is fair and conducted via a housing queue. Sub-letting is permitted to a limited extent in order to facilitate, for example, studies abroad and military conscription.

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Long-term and responsible actor

New coordinated risk analysis

AF Bostäder has for some time conducted risk analyses concerning everything from financing and work environment to extreme rainfall events. Now, the work on risk is being expanded and coordinated, for a better overview and reporting purposes.

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Long-term and responsible actor

Strong engagement in our own business system

Many companies buy a ready-to-use business system and adapt their processes to the system. AF Bostäder has instead chosen to design its own system from scratch. Thanks to strong engagement internally in the development work, the system is powerful, easy to use and liked by both customers and staff.

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Long-term and responsible actor

Lund students’ own student housing company celebrated its 40th anniversary

AF Bostäder dates back all the way to 1830. It was then that Akademiska Föreningen was formed to keep the students in order. Inspired by the English college system, AF offered food and accommodation to some 50 students. Sylwanska Gården became the first form of housing with student influence.

Long-term and responsible actor

An even rent trend is a high priority

AF Bostäder aims to give students a rent trend that is as even as possible so that they can forecast their costs and keep track of their everyday finances. At the same time, stable revenues give AF Bostäder the preconditions for planning its operations with a long-term perspective.

A young woman stands behind the desk at Service centre, smiling at the camera. In front of her a student.
Long-term and responsible actor

The student worker role at AF Bostäder – a good start in working life

At the Service Centre, customers often receive assistance from staff who are active students. Student workers make up a unique resource in the company, and the job is often a springboard for their own careers. Meet Amanda Forslund who has gone on to become a property appraiser, and Alexander Gahnström who has continued to work within AF Bostäder.

An illustration of what Rhodos will look like
Long-term and responsible actor

Rhodos – an extremely climate-friendly student housing area

AF Bostäder is implementing one of Sweden’s biggest investments in long-term sustainable student housing at Kämnärsrätten. Three of the quarters are now complete, one is close to being inaugurated and in 2022 construction began on Rhodos – a wonder in terms of sustainability and low climate impact.

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Long-term and responsible actor

Whistleblower system in place

At the end of 2022, AF Bostäder launched a whistleblower system in which staff can anonymously report serious misconduct. No whistleblower cases have been reported.

Four-leaf clover buildings
Long-term and responsible actor

The end of an era heralds new, sustainable times

When Kämnärsrätten was built in the 1960s, Hans Westman’s innovative “four-leaf clover” buildings had an important role, and in total provided accommodation for 1 000 students. Many students have good memories from these special small buildings, which, apart from in the quarter at Gylleholm, are now a thing of the past. AF Bostäder has been demolishing four-leaf clover buildings since 2016 and has started one of Sweden’s biggest investments in long-term sustainable student housing.

Bird view over Delphi
Long-term and responsible actor

At Delphi, 425 of 850 bathrooms are renovated and ready

In an extensive renovation project, AF Bostäder is replacing all the plumbing systems for 850 corridor rooms at Delphi. Bathrooms, accommodation, ventilation, broadband and corridor fixtures will also get a revamp. The work is following an ingenious system in which all tenants avoid disruption by moving to a newly renovated corridor – with no change in the rent.

A student unpacks a box in her student room
Long-term and responsible actor

More accommodation places for new students

Newly admitted Lund University students whose home is outside Skåne need housing directly in order to begin their studies. The number of accommodation places earmarked for long-distance students increased in 2022.

Four students in a corridor kitchen. Two sit at a table talking, one is cooking by the stove and one is sitting in a sofa reading.
Long-term and responsible actor

Well-considered rent increases secure future housing

AF Bostäder’s rent-setting stems from a rent model based on the students’ wishes, and the annual rent increase is negotiated with the Swedish Union of Tenants (Hyresgästföreningen). As AF Bostäder is a foundation, the revenue remains entirely within the organisation, where it is used for maintenance and long-term investments.

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Long-term and responsible actor

Code of conduct introduced

In 2020, AF Bostäder produced a code of conduct that is to ensure that AF Bostäder and the company’s partners have the same sustainability aims. The introduction continued in 2021 with a focus on close dialogue.

View over Kämnärsvägen, with Hippocampus in focus
Long-term and responsible actor

New city district generates knowledge about sustainable student housing

At Kämnärsrätten, AF Bostäder is driving one of Sweden’s largest investments in student housing. The plans cover six new quarters, and the company is on a purposeful development journey in which each new construction project becomes more innovative and sustainable than the last. The last quarter is the best by far – and the next will be even better.

Long-term and responsible actor

New whistleblower function

AF Bostäder has a zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of corruption. The company has both internal guidelines for business ethics and a code of conduct for staff and partners. A whistleblower function will also be established soon.

Three students in a corridor kithen at Vildanden
Long-term and responsible actor

High demand, but there is housing for everyone

There is a high demand for housing adapted for students in Lund, but there are many alternatives and most people who are admitted for studies have some form of housing at the start of the semester. AF Bostäder is working in the long term to increase accommodation, and new student housing quarters are taking shape.