AF Bostäder rents out affordable storage facilities in several of our housing areas in central Lund. You can find all available storages on the website and you do not have to be a student to rent.

Rent a storage

You book available storages on the website. The first one to book a storage online may rent it, as long as the credit check is accepted. You do not have to be a student at Lund University to rent a storage. 

Storage of supplies

In the storage you can you can store personal property such as furniture, moving boxes, etc. If you store food products, fruit, vegetables and other organic materials and goods that are liable to spread the smell, you must use closed containers. Theft-prone goods should not be kept in the storage, as this increases the risk of burglary. You do not normally get any compensation from the insurance company if such goods are stolen. Cardboard boxes are sensitive to moisture and should never be placed directly on concrete floors or in humid environments such as an attic. Home insurance seldom cover damage due to improper storing.

Other property consisting of or to any part containing flammable materials, or require a special storage solution should never be stored in one of AF Bostäder storages.


As a tenant, you are always responsible for any damage arising out of the property of another as a result of storage in contravention of the applicable rules and regulations.
Damage is always handled by the tenant's insurance company. This applies even if the damage originates outside the rented storage, for example when water leaking into adjacent spaces. Always contact your insurance company before the rental of storage. It is not certain that the ordinary home insurance applies.

Moving truck loading and unloading

For better living comfort and residential environment, vehicular traffic is not permitted in our housing areas. However, during moving activities, temporary vehicle access for loading and unloading is permitted. You must not leave your vehicle unattended for more than 10 minutes. Note that you may never at any time park on a fire escape route.


When parking adjacent to the storage, existing parking spaces at AF Bostäder shall be used. Some storages are located inside AF Bostäder’s housing areas. It is allowed to drive on paved surfaces to the storage for unloading and loading, with the exception of the housing area Sparta. To avoid an inspection fee, such arrangement is only allowed for a short while and the tenant must not leave the vehicle unattended for more than 10 minutes.

On Vildanden the storages are located inside the housing area, but it is not possible to drive all the way to the storage.

Latest update October 4, 2018