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Semester cleaning of the corridor

At the end of each semester, all residents clean the corridor together. The cleaning is inspected by the caretaker. Here you will find the checklist for the semester cleaning.

Download the checklist for semester cleaning of the corridor as a PDF.

All shared spaces

  • Wipe down walls, tiles, grouting, trim and vents with a damp cloth. Remove spider webs from the ceiling.
  • Wipe down power outlets and switches. Note: use a dry cloth
  • Remove stickers and bits of tape from walls, ceilings and furnishings.
  • Wipe down doors, door handles, frames and thresholds.
  • Hoover and wipe down radiators, including behind and in between.
  • Wipe down the lamps.
  • Clean the windows, inside and outside, and glass panes in doors. Wipe down window sills, window frames and accessible surfaces of blinds.
  • Hoover and mop the floor.


  • Wipe down worktops, draining board, sink and taps. Clean the space under the sink.
  • Clean the microwave, inside and outside. Pull out the microwave and also clean the shelf it stands on.
  • Pull out the cooker and wipe down all sides. Clean behind and under the cooker. Remove and
    clean the cooker control knobs. It is a good idea to take a photo first, so you put the knobs back
    in the right place.
  • Clean the oven, inside and outside. The oven door is to be taken apart and cleaned between the glass panes. Clean the racks and oven trays and the side rack holders inside the oven.
  • Wipe down the cooker hood.
  • Wipe down the fridge and freezer, inside and outside, and the sealing strips. Clean the drain hole.
  • Defrost the freezer.
  • Wipe down cupboard doors and drawers, inside and outside, and shelves on both sides.
  • Wipe down tables, chairs and other shared furniture.
  • Hoover the sofa. If possible, remove and wash the sofa cover. Put back the cover.
  • Clean the waste sorting bins.
  • Remove objects from the kitchen that should not be there. See inventory list.
  • Throw away food that is past its expiration date.
  • Tip! Store dry food in sealed containers to reduce the risk of flour beetles.

Cleaning supply room

  • Remove objects from the cleaning supply room that should not be there.
  • Wipe down the shelves.

Shared shower facilities on the corridor (applies to Ulrikedal and Parentesen)

  • Clean the walls, floor and grouting.
  • Clean the shower walls, if applicable.
  • Clean the floor drain and clear the water trap. Clean the taps.
  • Clean the mirrors.


  • Remove objects from the balcony that should not be there.
  • Sweep up the balcony.

Latest update April 17, 2024