Booking system

We rent out all student housing through the website. This is how the booking system works.

Booking list

All housing that is available for rental is published on AF Bostäder's website. The housing will be shown in the website during the "booking period", which always expires at 24 hrs. (midnight) on the given date, that is the date next to Bookable until.

During the booking period, a booking list is created for each individual housing. The booking list consists of housing applicants who wish to rent the housing in question, and who have therefore made a booking. Before login you can see the total number of bookings on the housing (place in the queue), after login you can see your provisional place in the booking queue.

When you book a housing you can se your real place in the queue, such place is based on the queue time that the applicant holds. Please mote that the place in the booking list is subject to change during the booking period when housing applicants with an earlier queue time make a booking for the same housing. 

E.g. If the digits indicate 1 of 14, it means that you have the best queue time out of 14 who have booked that particular housing and somebody with a longer queuing time books the same housing after you, you will be moved back in the queue to 2 of 15.

Three simultaneous booking

Each housing applicant may have up to three simultaneous bookings. During the booking period, a booking that has been made may be cancelled by the applicant, thus allowing a further booking to be made. In this way, housing applicants who actively look for student housing can ensure that they constantly have three simultaneous bookings, with a subsequent good chance of obtaining a tenancy agreement.

Each booking is binding

Each booking shall be binding for the housing applicant. Should a housing applicant with the best queue time decline to take the housing after official contract proposal, they will forfeit their list-place, at the same time as the turn will go to the person with the next best queue time. Upon late cancellation, the housing applicant will lose their queue time. A forfeited list-place cannot be retrieved.

If you are nr 1 when the booking period ends

The person who is at the top of the booking list upon expiry of the booking period will get a contract for the housing in question. If you are the first on several housing when the booking time have passed, you are assigned the housing that you booked first. You can see the order in which you booked the housing on Your pages, the first booking made is displayed at the top of the list and so on

The contract is normally available on AF Bostäder's website after 2 pm on the next weekday. The housing applicant will always forfeit their queue time when they get a contract. The contract is signed electronically. Study and membership requirements are authenticated by the applicant by uploadning the certificates on Your pages. As soon as the contract is signed by the customer and the study and membership requirements are authenticated, the contract will be signed by AF Bostäder. 

Age limit for corridor rooms

Further to requests made by tenants, AF Bostäder has introduced an age limit for corridor rooms. However, tenants who reach the age of 35 years during their tenancy are not affected.

Latest update January 3, 2020