Registration for housing queue

We are delighted that you want to stay in one of our student housing! You can sign up in our housing queue when you are accepted to at least half-time studies at Lund University and a member of Studentlund. Below, we explain what you need to do in three easy steps.

To get a place in AF Bostäder's housing queue, you must fulfil the study- and membership requirements according to the housing list and rental conditions.

NOVISCH - Are you a new student in Lund, i.e. for the first time been accepted to studies at Lund University? Then special rules apply >> Go to novisch information.

1. Wait for your letter of admission

The study requirement means that you must be an active student at Lund University. As a new student, you must be accepted for at least half-time studies (15 study points) at Lund University at the time of application. Your letter of admission must refer to the term for which you are applying for housing. If you are already on a course of active studies, this must be registered in the Ladok register. The same study-point requirement applies here.

2. Become a member of Studentlund

The membership requirement is fulfilled when you become a member of Studentlund and at the same time become a member of a student nation that is part of Studentlund.

3. Sign up in our housing queue

The application consists of an online form, a housing application, that can be filled in quickly. Your housing application will normally be approved straight away. This means that, with the help of your queue time, you will already be able to apply for accommodation after a few minutes. Please note that if you submit incorrect information you will lose your place in the queue and run the risk of being barred from making new applications.

Make a housing application


Latest update March 4, 2019